Hygiene and Safety

How to travel carefree in times of Corona?

Safety was always a top priority to us, but especially in times of crisis, we take it a step further. Jointly with our travel experts, we have been relooking into every step of the journey to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety. For us, at Lufthansa Group, the safety and health of our passengers and crews is of utmost importance.

Whether you are managing the duty trips on behalf of your company or your own travels, we make sure you are in safe hands. We have put measures in place to keep you safe and carefree during the travels.

Moreover, as we strive for continuous improvement, we appreciate your feedback along your journey.

Before the flight

Physical distancing: at our hub airport areas, we have ensured distancing with the personnel via the floor markings, retractable safety barriers, displays and various announcements.

Modified security controls: there are additional measures to maintain the distance at the security checkpoints to avoid personal checking and scanning.  

Recommended little hand luggage: due to different regulations at the aviation security checkpoints in countries, our recommendation is to travel light.

Mouth-nose-cover: we kindly ask you to use a month-nose cover during the whole journey.

Boarding and deboarding procedure

Contactless boarding: all our passengers are asked to use the automatic and contactless boarding gates at our hub airlines, if available. Boarding procedure out of our hub airlines are dependent on specific country regulations.

Boarding by groups: to ensure minimum distance, we are grouping our passengers according to the seating area (window, middle or aisle seat).

Deboarding by groups: guests on board will be informed about deboarding procedure to ensure minimum distance while leaving the aircraft.

Mouth-nose-cover: we kindly ask you to use a month-nose cover during the whole journey.

During the flight

Fluggast entspannt an Bord. // Passenger relaxes on board.

Hygienic wipes: our cabin crew will hand out antibacterial and antiviral wipes on every flight to each passenger.  

Simplified onboard services: to ensure high hygiene measures on board, we have simplified our onboard services on various routes and/or Lufthansa Group carriers.

Suspension of inflight sales: we have temporary suspended our inflight sales on all our airlines.

Mouth-nose-cover: we kindly ask you to use a month-nose cover during the whole journey.

At the airport

visit doctor

While entering our hubs from the risk areas you will be asked to do PCR tests at the airports. Following hubs provide PCR testing:

- airports within Germany

- Vienna airport

- Brussels airport

Entry regulations to Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Belgium can be find under government pages:

Fresh air in our cabins?

What is the difference between a flu and a Covid-19?

How can you tell the difference between a flu and a Covid-19 infection? How is Lufthansa Group protecting the health of the passengers on their journey? What can you and your passengers do to ensure to stay healthy during your business trip? Our Lufthansa Group expert, Dr. med. Lothar Zell, talks about health and protection of passengers while traveling in this video episode.

Which masks are allowed on board our airlines?

In general, the following types of masks are not allowed on board as they do not provide sufficient protection for fellow passengers:

  • Masks with breathing valve (e.g. FFP1/2/3 with valve)
  • Scarves and shawls
  • Face shields of any kind
  • Cloth face masks

All other types of masks without a breathing valve (disposable masks, fabric masks, but also FFP masks without a breathing valve) provide sufficient protection and are therefore permitted on board. Please note that Austrian Airlines allows only FFP2 face mask without valves.