Watch engaging presentations from industry experts

Be inspired by our all-new format Spotlights. The series features engaging presentations by Lufthansa Group and travel industry experts on current travel and mobility topics.

Episode 3: Sustainability

Airline and sustainability? How does this go together? We asked our employee from Miles and More, Bastian, how Lufthansa Group is reusing aircraft material to create beautiful furniture and accessories. In this Spotlight episode, we showcase how to upgrade your office space, home office or even your living room. Aircraft window or a wall bar? Aircraft wing or a coffee table? Sometimes both go together.

Episode 2: Ready for retail?

Following our episode 1, we dig deeper into NDC, the new distribution capabilities, and its value for your corporate business. Our Lufthansa Group employee, Michael, takes us on a journey behind the scenes of NDC. In this episode of Spotlights, we talk about technology, opportunities, integration and much more for you and your company.

Episode 1: Future of distribution

How is the new distribution capability (NDC) playing a crucial role in times of Covid-19? We asked our CCO of SWISS, Tamur, to elaborate how travel managers and companies can benefit from NDC? In our first episode of Spotlights we bring all our NDC tips and recommendations for you and your organization.