Coffee Talks

sit down for a relaxed talk about current topics

Our leaders and management across Lufthansa Group discuss news at the crossroad of the old and new normal, pre and post Covid-19. We aim to answer the most pressing questions around corporate travel, future of mobility, new ways of working and much more.

How does the Lufthansa Group plan to become more sustainable?

Due To the ongoing pandemic, the topic of sustainability was not too present in the Lufthansa Groups' communication. However, with the creation of a dedicated business unit, the Group shows that Corporate Responsibility has been a core concern and is doing everything in its power to ensure that flights are increasingly becoming climate friendly and thus gradually coming closer to the vision of CO2 neutral flight operations.

Senior Vice President Vorporate responsibility, Annette Mann Gives an overview of the ambitious goals and how they should be achieved.

What is the future of air travel after Covid-19?

The pandemic has changed our way of living, our way of doing business, our way of being mobile. Looking into the future of air travel and overall mobility: how will it look? Which benefits will travel mobility bring after the crisis? 

These and many other questions are answered by Christopher Siegloch, Senior Director Global Sales Products and Programs at Lufthansa Group, in this episode of Coffee Talks.

Can virtual meetings replace personal encounters?

The actual crisis has had an impact on travel demand and especially business travel has been heavily affected. Changed travel polices, restrictive country entry regulations represent new challenges for corporate business which needs to cope with emerging needs. How is Lufthansa Group responding to the new situation?

Learn more about this in our Coffee Talks episode with Jürgen Siebenrock, Vice President of Sales and Services Home Markets and Global Key Account Management.