The future of aviation is becoming more sustainable! As a pioneer in the industry, the Lufthansa Group is equipping more than 20 aircraft in its fleet with the more sustainable AeroSHARK technology. So far, thirteen long-haul aircraft - ten Boeing 777-300ERs operated by SWISS and three Boeing 777Fs operated by Lufthansa Cargo - have been equipped with the pioneering Riblet film. In addition, a Lufthansa Boeing 747 has already been completing test flights with this fascinating shark foil since 2019.

The AeroSHARK technology

Inspired by the skin of sharks, the AeroSHARK film is a bionic adhesive film that is attached to the fuselage and engine nacelles of aircraft. With micrometer-sized, scale-like protrusions - known as riblets - the film mimics the power-saving water resistance of the elegant marine predators.

Thanks to the minimized frictional resistance, this reduces the fuel consumption of your flight.

Step by step, the Lufthansa Group is thus approaching its goal of leading aviationto a more sustainable future. The goal is to achieve a neutral CO2 balance by 2050 and to halve net CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2019.

On our page on the Lufthansa Group's climate protection activities, you will find more information on the topic of sustainability. #MakeChangeFly

Published 10.10.2023