The Lufthansa Group airlines’ Podcast series “Behind the Scenes”

Listen to our new podcast series "Behind the Scenes" and join our host to uncover what is happening at the Lufthansa Group. With the support of experts and external guests, our host will discuss network, future travel trends, New Distribution Capability (NDC), sustainability and much more.

Launch episode: What you can expect

Marco Willa, General Manager Sales in UK, together with Helen Schmidt-Stetter, Head of B2B Marketing and Communication, gives a preview of the topics and discussions which will be covered in this new podcast series.

Episode 1: Our Network is our Strength - Lufthansa Group in a "Post COVID world”

Marco unfolds the challenges of network planning during the pandemic, how a hub system works and the role of partner airlines, with the help of Ulrich Lindner, Head of Network Management, and Elise Becker, Head of Area Management Asia Pacific & Global Joint Venture East.

Episode 2: Navigating travel complexities

Marco interviews Kevin Thompson, Director of Revenue Optimization EMEA, American Express Global Business Travel, to understand how communication has helped TMCs to navigate through extraordinary times. Joining the conversation is Nilu Dadbeh, Lufthansa Group Global Sales Servicing Support team, who will explain more about the resources available to TMCs and corporate customers.

Episode 3: An introduction to NDC

In this third episode, Marco is joined by Alessandro Wiethaus, Products and Programme Management Distribution for EMEA, and Kevin Young, Senior Account Manager UK, who will offer an introduction on NDC, when and why it was developed, and uncover what is behind this new distribution capability. 

Episode 4: Green Energy

In this fourth episode, Marco interviews Jan Pechstein, Head of Corporate Emissions Management and Sustainable Aviation Fuels and First Officer of A320, to discuss what airlines are doing to become “greener”, what alternatives other that Sustainable Aviation Fuels are available for airlines to become more sustainable and how each of us can offset carbon emissions.

Episode 5: From virtual meetings to flying cars

In this fifth episode, Marco follows Kolin Schunck, Research & Intelligence Analyst from Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH, as he gives a glimpse of the future of travel mobility, the importance of data and how we might end up flying from one city to the other instead of driving.

Episode 6: NDC Smart Offer

In this sixth episode, Marco is joined again by Alessandro Wiethaus, Products and Programme Management Distribution for EMEA, and Kevin Young, Senior Account Manager UK, who will present in more details the Lufthansa Group NDC Smart Offer and what content and which advantages are available to the partners.

Episode 7: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

In the last episode of this series, Marco dives deep on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with Annette Mann, Head of Corporate Responsibility for the Lufthansa Group. What is CSR for the Lufthansa Group and will the group be able to reach its targets? Can corporate customers rely on the Lufthansa Group when it comes to achieve their CSR goals? Join Marco and Annette to find out more.