Our future focus: safety and sustainability

Our mission is clear: make flying safe in times of the pandemic and after. However, we still keep our strong focus on a sustainability.

Aviation massively contributes to the global CO2 emissions and we take a serious responsibility in reducing these. Therefore, we took some of the first steps in making our mission realistic such as investing in SAF, synthetic kerosene as the first real alternative to the fossil aviation fuel. We have partnered up with our innovation center to offer a Compensaid Corporate Program to support us. Compensaid enables your company to conduct CO2 neutral business trips and cargo flights. You can offset your business travel and make them fully climate-neutral, but in addition there is an option to offset cargo flights to reduce corporate emissions along the whole production and supply chain. However, before making any big decisions, why not start by calculating your company’s carbon emissions in the first step via the Compensaid Corporate Program to see how you can contribute to more sustainable air-travel.