Travel relaxed: a guide to traveling relaxed

Arriving at the airport on time is a good thing. It is even better and more relaxed if you do it well prepared. Read here what you should know for your trip in times of Corona – summarized for you in a checklist.

Entry requirements and quarantine obligations
Please familiarise yourself with the general entry requirements (e.g., passport and visa) as well as the necessary Corona entry documents (e.g., test certificate). Please check whether you meet the requirements for your destination, transit country and return journey, and find out about any possible quarantine obligations. Simply enter your departure and destination airport at the following link.

Being vaccinated against Covid-19 can make your journey considerably easier. Make sure you always have your vaccination certificate on you and check whether further vaccinations are required for your destination.

Digital vaccination certificate
If you have a digital vaccination certificate, keep it on you at all times.

Information about Corona testing
Find out about the testing possibilities at your destination and the requirements concerning the test result. You may have to be tested both before your outbound journey and before your return journey.

A more relaxed departure in Frankfurt
On the day of your journey, make your way to your flight in a relaxed manner. As a passenger of Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS, you can use the "Test, Drop & Fly" service at Frankfurt Airport. This allows you to take care of the necessary Corona test and baggage drop-off in advance.

Corona-related travel documents
Check which corona-related documents are required for your destination (e.g., negative test result, vaccination certificate, DEA, or others).

Digital document check
Have your corona-related documents checked in advance on selected routes. This way you will know early on if your documents are complete and correct and can confirm this to us when you check-in online or from your mobile device.

Face mask requirement
Masks are still mandatory on all Lufthansa Group Airlines flights. Pack your personal protection items and toiletries, such as extra face masks, sanitizer etc., in your carry-on baggage. On longer flights, make sure you have several face masks with you and observe the allowance for liquids in carry-on baggage (max. 100 ml).

Travel insurance
To enjoy even more certainty in planning your journey, find out about our additional Covid-19 services.

Ideally, use our digital self-service options and plan enough time at the airport.