SMALL Details, big effects

"Seating Robot" and "AutoTOBT" - two small technical innovations have recently been put to use at Frankfurt and Munich airports, among others. Optimizations that have a major effect on a smooth transfer process and lead to more stable ground processes in the long term. 

Seating Robot: The pole position for transferring guests

Changing planes is part of flying, especially on long routes, for example at the major Lufthansa hubs in Frankfurt or Munich. A smooth transfer process is important here, but even minor delays on the feeder flight can cause stress. "Will I make my connecting flight?" is the pressing question. "Can I sit further forward for landing?", the logical follow-up. With the "Seating Robot," a new tool is now in use that addresses the second question.

Before departure, the Seating Robot checks the connecting time of all Economy Class passengers traveling onward. This is compared with the minimum connecting time, the time buffer that the passenger usually has for a relaxed changeover. If time is tight, the "Seating Robot" assigns an optimized seat to the relevant guest - provided that no seat reservation has yet been made for the passenger. A test run in Frankfurt from March to June of this year has shown that the "Seating Robot" can be used in a variety of ways: The use of the "Seating Robot" is worthwhile. The suggested seat improves the chances of getting to the connecting flight on time.

AutoTOBT: Better planning for smooth dispatching

In addition to smooth boarding, punctual takeoff also depends on all other process participants completing their tasks on time. One point of reference is the time at which the check-in process is completed, the so-called "Target Off-Block Time" (TOBT). This time is the basis for planning the so-called turnaround, the period between landing and departure. Until now, planning here has been based on average times, depending on the type of aircraft. But one-size-fits-all doesn't fit perfectly after all. With a new automatic calculation, AutoTOBT" now makes it possible to predict the end of the handling process much more accurately. A reliable forecast is enormously important for smooth turnaround. The quality of the forecast has measurably increased with the introduction of AutoTOBT,and the system is being continuously developed.

Utilize potential for improvement

"Seating Robot" and "AutoTOBT" influence small, but enormously important, factors for the respective flight event. This shows how important it is to turn over every stone or think of new ways. Whether it's capacity planning, ground processes or technical innovations – the Lufthansa Group Airlines are always working in its speciality departments to find further improvements, both large and small, and to improve the quality of the travel experience for all our passengers.

Published 12.09.2023