We fully believe in the value of connecting people, countries and cultures - making our planet a better place

We set ourselves ambitious targets

How you can contribute

We can make flights more sustainable. We provide a convenient platform which allows you to offset CO2 emissions in a simple way. Make your air travel CO2 neutral - get started now!

What other actions we can take together


Attractive cooperations with railway providers enable you to use the train for all shorter routes:


Lufthansa Magazin Reportage 11/2016: IOCC - Den Himmel im Griff// Lufthansa Magazin Documentation 11/2016: IOCC - Controlling the skies

Significant improvements can be achieved with new technologies and alternative fuels:


Lufthansa Magazin 11/2012: Prinzessin #27: Geprüft und geschätzt. Lufthansa Neuzugang aus Brasilien. Der brasilianische Regionaljet E195 tritt seinen einzigen und längsten Flug über den Atlantik an. // Lufthansa Magazin Documentation: Long flight home: Tested and approved. The new airplane from Brazil. An expert team of pilots and technicians flew an Embraer regional jet to Munic, Germany from Brazil.

We provide different possibilities to offset the CO2 of your flight:

For us it is important to take responsibility and be a good corporate citizen

For the Lufthansa Group Corporate Responsibility is a core concern in all of its businesses. The Airline Group is doing everything in its power to ensure a clear path towards CO2 neutral neutral flying by the year 2050 in accordance to the United Nations Climate Agreement from 2015. 

In addition to our Climate & Environment activities, we as a company also strive to further expand and strengthen our social commitment."

We thank you, our customers and partners, for your commitment.

Caroline Drischel, Senior Vice President Corporate Responsibility