Travel preparations

Important tips for your upcoming travel

The current staff shortages at airports and in the entire aviation industry pose major challenges for the airlines of the Lufthansa Group.

In the current situation, it is therefore especially important to be well prepared for your travel. We are doing our best to provide you and all travelers in your company with the best possible support and to make your stay at the airport as stress-free as possible.

To this end, we have summarized the most important digital products and services for you to consider when preparing for your trip.

Up-to-date flight information

In the summer months, flight irregularities can unfortunately occur due to high passenger volume. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend that you and your travelers plan extra time for arrival and departure for your upcoming business trips - especially for important appointments.

We would also like to ask all passengers to check the status of their flight before heading to the airport.

Enter your flight number here to get all the latest information about your flight.

Travelers affected by a flight cancellation will be informed as soon as possible and offered an alternative travel option. The various rebooking options for cancelled flights can be found here:

If passengers need immediate assistance in the event of a flight cancellation, they can contact our chat assistant around the clock:

Just before the flight – the most important services at-a-glance

Online check-in

Passengers can check in and create their boarding pass from the comfort of their own home.

Mobile check-in

It is also possible to check in via a smartphone or tablet and download a mobile boarding pass.

Baggage calculator

The free baggage allowance can be calculated in just a few steps – depending on the route, travel class and fare.


The Lufthansa Group Airlines apps provide passengers with all relevant information from check in to landing.

Well informed at all times

Make sure your current contact details are stored in your booking, profile or app.

General entry requirements

Check the general entry and exit documents required (Esta, ESA, visa, etc.) depending on the regulations of the destination country.

COVID entry regulations

Travelers need to inform themselves in advance about the COVID-related entry regulations of their destination country.

Digital document check

On selected routes, COVID-related travel documents can be checked digitally in advance.

Practical tips for your stay at the airport

Given the current situation, you and your travelers should allow more time at the airport, especially if you want to check in your baggage. In this regard, please note that the fast lanes and priority lanes at the security checkpoints may also be congested.

Travelers are asked to use the self-service bag drop kiosks for baggage drop-off.  Baggage receipts for checked baggage will be issued at the kiosk.

At some airports it is possible to check in the baggage the evening before to save valuable time on the day of departure.

If possible, try to reduce your hand luggage to the minimum to shorten long waiting times at the security checkpoints.

We have reopened many of our lounges. Current information on our lounge services and the respective locations can be found here:

For more useful tips on preparing for your trip and information about your flight, please visit: