Workation: rarely has a trend presented both tourism and the world of work with new opportunities and challenges. How do we want to and how can we respond to it—and what does workation actually mean?

A dream could finally come true: just transfer your desk to a warm paradise island. Attend meetings before your next session on the slopes. Open your laptop in a fashionable city on the other side of the world. The portmanteau word “workation,” comprising “work” and “vacation,” describes just what many have been dreaming about for a long time: relaxed working where others go on vacation. Especially now that remote working and home offices have become established forms of a new kind of work. And when pictures of sun, beach, and laptop together with “Greetings from my new home office 😉 hit your LinkedIn feed, you ask yourself, could that also be something for me or our company?

The issue of new work

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have been working within their own four walls:

  • The office has been replaced by the home office.
  • Conferences have been exchanged for online meetings.
  • Meetings have migrated on-screen.

For a section of all employees this brings with it a great deal of freedom. Workation is the logical extension of this kind of flexible working and no longer just a lifestyle for digital nomads.

The travel industry is adapting to the demands of the new location independence. Coworking offices or a complete range of team offsites can be easily integrated into the booking flow. At home, on the beach, in a mountain cabin, wherever—we can work from anywhere. The most important requirements are Wi-Fi and a coffee machine—that’s the motto in a world of work that’s becoming more and more flexible.

So, if you’re thinking about going on workation, setting up workation in your company, or want to get comprehensive advice on the subject of workation, you should get to know the importance, advantages, and possibilities of workation for you, for your company, and for your customers.

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