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Actually, we could work anywhere: at home, on the beach, in a mountain hut, it doesn’t matter—the main thing is that the Wi-Fi and coffee machine do their job. But what do you prefer? What do your employees need? Which environment is the right one for which project?

Whether you need a quiet, individual workplace or you’re planning an event for the whole team on your workation, whatever it is, you just have to find the right locations. 

Coworking spaces—work from anywhere

Whether it’s a meeting room for one day in Bogotá or the perfectly equipped coworking space in Lisbon, booking a workplace or meeting room anywhere in the world on the spur of the moment has become fairly easy in today’s connected world. There are many platforms through which to book the perfect places for meetings, conferences or work worldwide. The range of coworking spaces is wide, and you too will find the right “work-from-anywhere” solutions for your requirements.

Providers such as, or operate internationally with large portfolios* but regional suppliers also have good offers and terms. It is always worthwhile comparing options and prices and drawing on the experiences of other users. The qualities certainly vary, as can be the case with other booking platforms, but they are at a good standard internationally.

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