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The idea of a workation sounds like a dream: feet in the warm sand, a cocktail in your hand, working for a few hours, and then exploring a foreign culture. But, of course, there are a few points that you should definitely keep in mind so that this wonderful experience isn’t marred by unpleasant surprises.

The social side

Depending on whether the workation is planned along with the family, as part of a team, or alone, it could feel lonely and isolating. For example, if you are used to a busy office, surrounded by colleagues, chatting by the coffee machine, and having lunch together, then it can be a bit of a shock for you to suddenly be the only person in your apartment or coworking space.

Time zones

Working in different time zones can be very challenging. Especially if it doesn’t affect just you, but several members of your team are on workation in different places around the world at the same time. There is also the issue of jet lag.

Culture shock

Workations broaden horizons and living in another culture is often inspiring and motivating. However, these exciting features may work the other way for some people and what is supposedly positive suddenly becomes a burden. Whether it’s the local customs, a foreign language, or everyday misunderstandings, all this can create a feeling of alienation. Consider how much you or your employees are capable of—and be prepared.

The expenses

Workations can also be expensive. Depending on what you have agreed with your employer, you may have to pay for your own travel and accommodation. Add to that the cost of living, tourist activities, little things you need for work but left back home, and it can all add up.


Whether it’s jumping into crystal-clear waters or hiking in pristine, fresh snow, it’s not easy to switch from vacation mode to work mode. Distractions are lurking everywhere: the street festival outside your door, sounds of laughter at the pool, the aromas coming from the restaurant across the street, or the people on the beach. In order to avoid instant procrastination in this environment, you should have a certain amount of self-discipline. In such cases it’s important not to betray the trust placed in you and to find the right balance.

The weather

It may sound strange at first, but the weather is an important issue, especially if the workation destination is in a region that’s warmer than you’re used to. A hot climate and working in 90% humidity can definitely reduce one’s ability to concentrate. However, this also applies if, coming from sunny climes, you’re faced with a Scandinavian winter that’s very beautiful but also cold and dark.

These points are in no way designed to discourage you or deter you from your workation. But it is good and important to think about time, weather, and discipline in advance and to keep an eye out for possible problems. In this way, you’ll approach the subject with a realistic attitude and set your course for success.