Diversity & Inclusion


At Lufthansa Group, we believe in the power of diversity. The "Actions Speak Louder" campaign is our tangible commitment to driving inclusivity, promoting equality, and celebrating the cultures represented by our global workforce.

This campaign embodies our philosophy that true commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is reflected in concrete actions, not just words. From our partnerships with organizations like help alliance to the hiring of our first Chief Diversity Officer, Erum Chaudhry, we're taking decisive steps to make meaningful change. By transforming our pledges into visible action, we aim to set an industry-wide precedent that DEI is more than a talking point — it's a catalyst for growth, innovation, and progress. Our commitment extends to our passenger airlines, providing safe, inclusive experiences to all, including the differently-abled.

This is just the beginning

Dive deeper into our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities by visiting our Diversity and Equal Opportunities page. Learn how we're cultivating an open-minded and creative company, innovating to meet diverse customer needs, and developing products and services that reflect our varied customer base. Our approach underscores our appreciation of, and commitment to equal opportunities for all employees. This is part of our personnel strategy and is embodied by our core values, including respect for the dignity of all employees, customers, and business partners.