Connecting the world. Protecting its future

We connect people, cultures and economies around the world – and that’s exactly what we want to do in the future too with a clear conscience. So that you can fly around the world, meet business partners face to face and pursue your business, it is our aim to lead aviation into a sustainable future and to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Our goal: carbon neutral by 2050

Modern fleet: By 2030, the Lufthansa Group airlines will have at least 190 fuel-saving aircraft in service. It’s a major investment in the future that will reduce kerosene consumption and therefore CO₂ emissions by up to 30 percent on each flight.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): For us, a key step on the path to carbon-neutral aviation is the development and use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The fundamental concept behind SAF is to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives over the long-term.

Efficient flight operations: By optimizing ground processes and flight routes, we are also permanently reducing CO₂ emissions. In 2021, optimization measures in the areas of performance and procedures, weight reduction, route optimization, and technological developments saved 30,400 tonnes of carbon emissions. 

Carbon offsetting: By purchasing SAF, companies can make their business trips directly carbon neutral and have their commitment certified – depending on their investment, also in accordance with the Scope 3 Standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Furthermore, it is possible to offset CO₂ emissions on our Compensaid platform with long-term climate-protection projects, for example in cooperation with the renowned non-profit organisation, myclimate.

Reducing waste and plastics: Single-use plastic parts are to be gradually replaced by sustainable materials by 2025. In addition, together with our passengers, we are doing everything we can to avoid food waste.

Intermodality: Taking the train to the plane or travelling by bus – unlike other airline groups, the Lufthansa Group links different modes of transport and is consistently extending cooperation with local rail providers.


We believe that sustainable aviation will continue to enable us to benefit from a connected world. It is our responsibility to drive forward the change in flying. We are focusing our commitment to achieving such a balance between aviation and the environment under #MakeChangeFly