We are processing around 1,700 refund applications per hour and so far have reimbursed over three billion euros  

The number of ticket refunds still open decreased to around 700,000 transactions worth around 350 million euros. Due to regular changes of travel restrictions taken by the authorities, our flight schedules have been changed at short notice. This leads to unavoidable flight cancellations. The associated refund applications are processed as quickly as possible. Therefore, the number of open refund applications will continue to develop dynamically, decrease further in the coming weeks, but will not reach zero.

Across all Lufthansa Group departments, we are working continuously and intensively to further speed up processing. Therefore, the capacity in the customer service centers has been tripled, and it has even been quadrupled in travel agency sales. Numerous employees from other departments have been activated to provide support and have been released from short-time working in return. Currently, around 1,700 applications per hour can be processed.

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All our fares are changeable free of charge, as often as you want

We want you and your travelers to be able to book with confidence and flexibility and not to miss out on your next business trip. In order to adapt your travel plan flexibly at any time, we have ensured a maximum flexibility.

For fares of all our Lufthansa Group airlines you can rebook as often as necessary and without a change fee - through 31 May 2021. You are also able to change your origin and destination, however, a fare surcharge may be required in specific cases if availability of the original booking class is not given. This also applies for cancelled flights. You can check all the extended rebooking policies of our airlines via the links below.

One less thing to worry about: a travel insurance for traveling during the pandemic 

In case of your business travels are being restarted or you or your employees are traveling during the pandemic, we make sure you have one less thing to worry about. Our new travel insurance packages Travel Care and Travel Care Plus offer Covid-19 coverage in addition to the core benefits of a classic travel insurance.  So, what is all about?

Travel Care includes:

- financial support in case of Covid-19 infection during the travel

- reimbursement of travel cost in case of flight cancelation or interruption

- travel accommodation cost in case of a missed connecting flight

- coverage of your personal items or luggage

Travel Care Plus includes:

- in addition to the Travel Care insurance for the trip cancelation, interruption or financal support due to Covid-19 infection, Travel Care Plus offers coverage of cost in medical emergencies including emergency evacuation and repatriation

- assistance service in case of emergency

Our insurance packages are available for Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS at this point of time. For more information on travel insurance, please check the reference page here.

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Our future focus: safety and sustainability

Our mission is clear: make flying safe in times of the pandemic and after. However, we still keep our strong focus on a sustainability.

Aviation massively contributes to the global CO2 emissions and we take a serious responsibility in reducing these. Therefore, we took some of the first steps in making our mission realistic such as investing in SAF, synthetic kerosene as the first real alternative to the fossil aviation fuel. We have partnered up with our innovation center to offer a Compensaid Corporate Program to support us. Compensaid enables your company to conduct CO2 neutral business trips and cargo flights. You can offset your business travel and make them fully climate-neutral, but in addition there is an option to offset cargo flights to reduce corporate emissions along the whole production and supply chain. However, before making any big decisions, why not start by calculating your company’s carbon emissions in the first step via the Compensaid Corporate Program to see how you can contribute to more sustainable air-travel.

Do you need a personalized Charter flight for your company?

Do you require a personalized flight connection that isn’t available in the regular Lufthansa Group network? With Lufthansa Charter we offer a solution customized to your company.

You are able to set a departure time that fits your plans and a destination as close as possible to your intended location. We will ensure to make your flight a unique experience. If you and your company have specific requests in terms of our on-board services and special offers on the ground, we will be happy to discuss them with you further as part of our offer.