Flying towards a better tomorrow

All over the world, we’re connecting people, cultures, and economies—and that’s exactly what we want to carry on doing in the future. To keep you connected across the globe, meeting business partners face-to-face and pursuing your business, it’s our aim to lead aviation into a more sustainable future. Our ambitious goal is to become carbon neutral by 2050 and cut our net CO2 emissions in half by 2030, compared to 2019.

To learn more about our commitment and the wide range of innovative measures that will help us shape the future of aviation more sustainably, visit and be sure to check out the rest of this page.

Working towards carbon neutrality:

Our mission: carbon neutral by 2050

That’s our goal—and it’s worth making every effort. We want to reduce our emissions to the greatest possible extent and we’re employing a wide range of measures to do so.

Modern fleet

The Lufthansa Group will put more than 200 new, more sustainable aircraft into service by 2030. These will reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions by up to 30% compared with their predecessors.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)

SAF is a true alternative to fossil fuel and a key technology on our way to carbon-neutral aviation. We are pioneers in the use of SAF and one of the leading SAF customers in Europe.

Operational efficiency

Intelligent software ensures more efficient operational processes and smart planning to reduce CO2 emissions—on the ground and in the air.

Plastic and waste reduction

We are making our in-flight experience more sustainable by replacing single-use items with sustainable alternatives and aim to bring all single-use items into circularity.

Sustainable options

Our customers and partners can choose from an ever-expanding range of sustainable options—from our new Green Fares to customized choices along the travel journey. All to support more sustainable air travel.

What matters: choosing a committed airline partner

For many companies, sustainability is becoming increasingly important in travel decisions. As a reliable partner, we’re doing everything we can to support companies in achieving their goals. And in addition we’re taking responsibility for driving forward the changes in aviation—in many different areas, with many different measures. Because we want to continue making it possible to enjoy the benefits of a connected world. Read on to learn more about our measures and commitments!

A clearly defined and verified strategy

We aim for validated targets

Companies, governments, and associations set themselves climate protection goals to limit global warming and stop man-made climate change. We aim to achieve a neutral CO₂ balance by 2050 and halve our net CO₂ emissions by 2030 (compared to 2019).

This has been successfully validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) which makes the Lufthansa Group the first aviation group in Europe with a science-based CO₂ reduction target in line with the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015.

A transparent investment plan

We invest in sustainability

Latest generation aircraft require up to 30 percent less fuel compared to predecessors. That’s why we’re continuously investing in a modern and particularly fuel-efficient fleet.

By 2030, we will have integrated more than 200 fuel-efficient aircraft, starting with the latest Airbus A320neo addition to the Austrian Airlines and the first Boeing 787 addition to the Lufthansa Group fleet.

But it doesn’t stop there: for years, we have been one of the largest purchasers of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and have secured a quarter of a billion US dollars to be able to meet the foreseeable increase in demand in the coming years.

A variety of offsetting options

We offer more sustainable flying

To meet the various needs of our customers and partners we’re offering integrated options for offsetting and reducing flight-related CO₂ emissions. While booking (or even after), you can purchase SAF or invest in certified climate protection projects. We also offer the innovative Green Fares as an additional fare option.

Members of our loyalty programs such as  PartnerPlusBenefit have the opportunity to offset against Benefit points or air miles within the Miles & More program. Additionally, we also offer Corporate Value Fares as part of our contracted agreements with our corporate customers.

Future-oriented partnerships

We lead the way towards scalable SAF production

While SAF currently represents less than 1% of global jet fuel demand, we’re also supporting market ramp-up in close partnerships. Together with Shell we’re exploring the topic of SAF supply, making it the most significant commercial SAF cooperation in the aviation sector to date. And with OMV we’re expanding our existing partnership by adding new locations for SAF production and offtake, as well as researching new technologies in this sector.

The Lufthansa Group is currently working together with partners from science and industry on numerous projects worldwide for more SAF - from start-ups to established energy companies:

  • With Synhelion we’re conducting a strategic collaboration to bring solar aviation fuel to market. SWISS is the first airline in the world to fly with initial quantities of sun-to-liquid kerosene.

Open reporting and communication

We enable transparency

We communicate our progress openly and clearly. The Lufthansa Group reporting, in line with UN Global Compact and according to TCFD and SASB standards, is publicly available on our company website Our overall strategy and mission towards more sustainability in aviation is disclosed via our global campaign

Further information for our business customers is available on our dedicated customer websites:

More sustainable choices for every customer

Offsetting flight- and travel-related emissions is becoming increasingly important for both  companies and customers. That’s why we’re offering multiple options to fly more and more sustainably and are continuously working on providing even more options and solutions.

Sustainable options for companies

We’re offering different options to our corporate customers to help them travel in a more climate-friendly way—and all of them have additional premium features.

  • Our Corporate Value Fares include 100% carbon-offsetting by contributing to climate protection projects.
  • Whereas our Sustainable Corporate Value Fares already include 20% carbon reduction via SAF and 80% carbon-offsetting by contributing to climate protection projects—plus a Scope 3 certificate on CO2 mitigation according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard.
  • PartnerPlusBenefit members additionally have the option to convert Benefit points into SAF. For their commitment, companies receive a certificate verified by an external auditor to credit their Scope 3 emissions according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol standard, depending on the amount of Benefit points redeemed.

Sustainable options for sales

To make traveling more sustainably as easy as possible we’re offering various options for our partners and their customers along the booking process.

  • Via Compensaid you can make your customers’ trips more sustainable when booking. But even during or after the flight customers can still choose to offset or reduce their emissions. Compensaid offers both: offsetting via climate protection projects or reducing via SAF.
  • Our new, Europe-wide Green Fares already include both, combining 20% reduction via SAF and 80% offsetting via high-quality climate protection projects. Simply select the new Economy Green or Business Green in the booking process. The new fares can also be booked via the NDC platform.
    Want to learn more about Green Fares? Scroll down and take a look at our video!

Innovative, promising, and sustainable: Green Fares

Lufthansa Group is one of the world’s first airline groups to offer a concrete fare for more sustainable travel. Our new Green Fares make it possible to fly  Europe-wide in a more climate-friendly way with just one click. The new fares already include a reduction of 20% flight-related CO₂ emissions via SAF and offsetting of 80% by contributing to high-quality climate protection projects.

Green Fares do not have to be booked in addition. They are an independent and directly bookable fare alongside the Economy Light, Economy Classic, and Economy Flex fares, as well as the Business Saver and Business Flex fares. As Economy Green and Business Green fares, they also offer you flexible rebooking options, an additional 20% status and award miles, and all the benefits of the Economy Classic or Business Saver fare on flights throughout Europe and selected markets in North Africa.