CLEARer, more interactive - simply better: the improved lufthansa group for business program reporting

In your Lufthansa Group for Business portal, you generally have access to all available figures relating to your business travel. Important facts and reference points to evaluate and optimize the travel activities in your company. Various tables and graphics in the dashboard break down the different data and offer you comprehensive reporting. So far, so good – but too static.

Thank you for constructive feedback

We have worked intensively on your valuable suggestions and wishes - and improved Lufthansa Group for Business reporting for you. It is now clearer and more interactive. You can look forward to improved response times and some new useful functions.

Interactive Value Reporting Dashboard for Corporate Clients

The static report becomes an interactive dashboard. No tedious scrolling through the reporting system, but an interactive and visually appealing value reporting.

Clear and intuitive guidance: simply switch between tabs to find the information you need faster. Graphs and charts help to understand and analyze your data.

Whether Excel or CSV format, data export has also been improved. The new Value Reporting Dashboard is your starting point for diving into your data easier and faster, gaining valuable insights and making more informed decisions for your company's journeys.

Learning from the past - with an extended reporting period

What’s most important is what the current report says about the active contract. But we know from your valuable feedback that you also want a look into the past, because this is also where important insights for the future lie.

From now on, you also have access to the historical data of the last three years. Using simple filter settings, you can switch between different views and analyze your contract-related expenses and savings over a longer period of time.

Doing good and showing it too - CO2 certificate to download

While you can download your CO2 offset certificate for the active contract period, what about your past commitment. There have been improvements here as well and CO2 certificates can now be downloaded for the current contract period as well as for the last three years. This allows you to evaluate the environmental impact of your business travel over time.

And on the new dashboard, downloading is easy and fast:

  • On the dashboard, select the desired time period
  • Navigate to the "Sustainability" section
  • Click on "View CO2 certificate" or go directly to the "Print certificate" tab
  • Once the certificate is displayed, click anywhere on the certificate to download it as a PDF
  • If necessary, select the desired page size for the certificate
  • Finally, click the "Download" button to start downloading the CO2 certificate.

Log in now and get to know your interactive reporting dashboard on the Lufthansa Group for Business portal.

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Published 12.09.2023