Lufthansa Group Airlines passenger receipts - very easy to download

For accounting or as a separate receipt for the business trip - the invoice receipt (Passenger Receipt) is actually always needed. If it has been lost, the passenger receipt can now simply be accessed online and printed out. With the new service, travelers can now also request passenger receipts for flights that are even further in the past.

This means: From now on, passenger receipts dating back more than 90 days after the flight with a Lufthansa Group airline - as well as invoice receipts up to 90 days and earlier - can be downloaded or requested online.   

Lufthansa Group airlines enable this service for all tickets issued in direct sales (airline websites or in the Service Center). Passenger receipts issued via third-party providers and travel agencies cannot be downloaded in this way.

This service is available for all flights with Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS. Just click on the appropriate link and get the passenger receipts of your past flights.

Published 07.11.2023