For a more sustainable future: fleet modernization

The Lufthansa Group will receive more than 280 new aircraft by 2030. This means that a new, state-of-the-art aircraft will be added to the fleet every ten days on average.

This is another major step towards achieving our goal of a CO2 -neutral balance sheet by 2050.

But why are new airplanes good news for climate protection? Compared to the previous generation of aircraft, some of which still fly regularly and have taken travelers all over the world in recent years, the new models consume significantly less fuel. Expressed in figures, the new aircraft consume up to 30 percent less fuel. This means that by 2030, a completely renewed fleet will emit around 30 percent less CO2 than before.

Modernization of the fleet (video)

To achieve this goal, the Lufthansa Group is investing up to 2.5 billion euros annually in the modernization of its fleet.

Published 30.01.2024