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Unlocking the world: Exploring inclusive cities with Lufthansa Group

As travel professionals, we share a common dedication to unveiling the world to our passengers. That’s why it's truly encouraging to witness cities taking proactive steps to embrace inclusivity, ensuring that both residents and travelers with disabilities can explore and enjoy these destinations without barriers. For those of your customers in search of remarkable destinations that blend warmth and enchantment with accessibility, we're delighted to present you three exceptional places that have embraced the principles of openness and inclusivity.


Effortless Travel: Singapore's modern and highly accessible public transportation system ensures that getting around the city is a breeze. With wheelchair-friendly buses, trains, and stations as well as features for people with visual or hearing impairments, it's a destination where mobility is uncomplicated, and travelers with disabilities can seamlessly get from A to B.

Inclusive Attractions: The city is home to a variety of major attractions designed with accessibility in mind. For instance, the National Gallery provides a comprehensive access guide to offer visitors with disabilities an unconcealed experience when exploring the exhibitions. Another fascinating spot for excursion, Gardens by the Bay, is fully wheelchair-accessible and a delight to all senses.

Accessible Accommodations: In Singapore, accessibility extends to accommodations. Many hotels offer rooms specially designed for guests with disabilities, featuring wheelchair parking, transfer showers, access to pools and other thoughtful amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests. Your clients can rest assured that their accommodations will be as welcoming and accommodating as the city itself.


Blueprint of Accessible Transport: London's public transport system, including the Underground and iconic black cabs with 100% wheelchair access, ensures easy mobility for all. In addition, free travel mentoring assists people with disabilities using public transport virtually or in person, making London a blueprint of accessible transport that spans the length and breadth of this exciting metropolis.

Sensory Enrichment: London goes beyond transport to provide accessible experiences. At the British Museum, visitors with sensory sensitivities can easily identify quieter and less crowded spaces to engage their senses and curiosity, offering culture in a captivating and inclusive package that embraces art, history, and accessibility. Also, other museums and galleries like the Tate Modern or the Natural History Museum have placed a focus on accessibility and inclusivity.

Innovative Infrastructure: London takes accessibility to the streets with tactile paving, ramps, and audible pedestrian signals, creating an environment that's user-friendly for individuals with disabilities. Spots like the South Bank invite for extensive strolling with wide walkways and easy access to adjacent food stalls. It's a city that paves the way to inclusivity through innovative infrastructure, ensuring that the most urban landscape is designed for everyone's benefit.


Accessibility by Sea and Rail: Oslo captures hearts with its breathtaking natural views, and it's designed for all to enjoy. Accessible public transport, including ferries, trams, and buses, offers travelers with disabilities the chance to explore the city's picturesque surroundings. From impressive fjords to cultural attractions, your clients can embrace the city's natural beauty with ease.

Accessible Swimming Spots: Oslo's commitment to inclusivity extends to its waterfront. The city offers four accessible swimming spots with the principle of universal design. Your clients can cool off in the city's pristine waters and enjoy a swim in a safe and welcoming environment, surrounded by Norway's stunning landscapes.

Art for Everyone: The Munch Museum, home to the iconic works of famous artist Edvard Munch, offers a wide variety of inclusive features, like electric wheelchairs for mobility-impaired visitors or special tours for visually- and hearing-impaired guests. At the same time, other venues like the National Museum make sure to be equipped to welcome visitors with a variety of needs, making the impressive cultural heritage of Oslo accessible to everyone.

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