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Europe Japan Joint Venture: more choice, more value

Welcome to the Europe Japan Joint Venture of All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS. By joining forces with four of the world's leading airlines, we offer a flexible and unbeatable choice of route combinations between Europe and Japan. Together, we've been enabling improved connections since 2013, offering travelers greater flexibility, more options, and more travel the way it should be: smooth, uncomplicated, comfortable, and completely tailored to individual needs, from planning to arrival.

It is only through our partnership that we can create an even more connected network that provides access to more destinations and travel opportunities. After all, our greatest goal is to provide all our customers with limitless connections across all continents.

Would you like to learn more about our extensive network? Then make sure to keep reading to discover all the possibilities:

What’s in it for you:

Excellent connections
thanks to combinable fares and coordinated timetables

Corporate travel discounts
tailored to your individual business requirements and needs

Aligned frequent flyer programs
to keep earning loyalty points and benefit when traveling

More connections, more benefits, more travel

No matter who is traveling, everyone benefits from our Europe Japan Joint Venture. First and foremost from more connections, but discounts, simplified itineraries, special fares, and many other benefits and services. Explore them all now: 

More for travelers

With an extensive and multi-hub network, we make it easy to create a unique itinerary for each individual traveler – wherever and whenever they intend to travel.

  1. Competitive discounts and special fares
  2. More routes and destinations
  3. Wider choice of onboard products, experiences, and services
  4. Access to extensive lounge network
  5. Frequent flyer point accrual across more carriers

More combinations

The combined strength of our joint venture airlines offers more flexible travel options.

  1. Mix and match airlines for outbound and inbound travel
  2. Simplify complex itineraries and schedules with combinable fares
  3. Combine cities to create multi-center holidays and business travel
  4. Greater travel flexibility even during peak times with a huge seat inventory
  5. Optimized schedules across a vast network

Corporate fare products

We jointly offer attractive fares for all business travel needs.

Corporate discounts and bonus programs including:

  1. PartnerPlusBenefit loyalty program for small- and medium-sized companies
  2. ICoN: harmonized discounts for intercontinental travel
  3. Dedicated Corporate Net Rates for high volume travel

Corporate loyalty program

We offer a range of products and services tailored specifically to meet your business travel needs – or those of your customers. 

Benefits include online tools, membership rewards, savings, and other advantages across our entire network. Get the most out of your business travel by joining the Lufthansa Group corporate loyalty program.


Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We are united in our commitment to progress towards a more sustainable aviation industry by means of various sustainability initiatives.

From increasing the use of sustainable, alternative fuel, to reducing emissions – find out what measures we are taking to shape a more sustainable tomorrow.

Route network

Expand or conduct your international business with the network of our airlines and the partners to around 310 destinations around the world.

With an extensive network, it‘s easy to tailor a unique itinerary, no matter where or when you want to travel. We offer you the flexibility of choosing from various hubs in Europe and Japan to the vast global network provided by our airlines.


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Stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding our network, industry trends, products and services. Here you find trending topics from around the globe in various formats right at your fingertips and easy to share.