Terms & Conditions

Lufthansa Group for Business

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Department Sales

October 2019

1. Purpose

Lufthansa Group for Business is a Program ('Program') operated by "Deutsche Lufthansa AG" ('Lufthansa', 'we/us'). Lufthansa reserves the right to use its Participating Carrier(s) Austrian Airlines and Swiss Internaltional Air Lines as joint operators of th eProgram.

The purpose of this program is that Traveller ('Traveller') on behalf of the Company gets access to the agreed contracted products in the "Commercial Offer" offered by the Participating Carrier(s) to their contractual partner (the 'Company') via a dedicated self-service Website ('self-service Website').

With an access to self-service Website of the portal Lufthansa allows the Traveller of the Company to order the offered products.

2. Participation Terms

Lufthansa is your contractual partner and issuer of Lufthansa Group for Business self-service Website.
Lufthansa's Website and Program is a voluntary Lufthansa service.

3. Participation

3.1. Eligibility

The Traveller who is authorized by the Company is eligible to use the self-service Website with contractual products.
To prevent abuse, the Traveller must ensure that the self-service website Lufthansa Group for Business remains unknown to unauthorized third parties. If abuse is suspected the Lufthansa Group Service Center must be notified immediately.

3.2. Obligations

By using the self-service Website the Traveller states, that he/she is familiar with and is informed by the Company about the usage of personal data (e.g. email address).

The Company ensures that Travellers are informed about the usage, display and storage of their personal data (Title, first name, last name and email address, Miles and More number) for the purpose to fulfill the corporate contract, user support, contract reporting and error handling.

It is the sole responsibility of the Company to monitor the authorized Users of the portal and in the event of termination of a User to ensure that such user is deleted. Deutsche Lufthansa AG is not responsible for the unlawful use of information or travel values by authorized Users.

Products ordered through the Corporate Value Fund are contractually restricted to use in connection with business travel. If the products ordered through the Corporate Value Fund are used on private trips, a possible taxation of the monetary benefit by the user must be examined.

3.3. End of participation
In order to end participation in Program the Traveller must inform the Company to remove his/her profile from the Lufthansa Group for Business Program.

4. Abusive Actions and Consequences

Anyone who uses the Lufthansa Group for Business self-service website although ineligible for participation, shall be deemed guilty of abuse.

In the event of abuse for which the Traveller is responsible, Lufthansa or third parties authorized by Lufthansa will delete the Traveller profile and determinate that even those values that have been unlawfully used are considered consumed. Similarly, the right to assert further claims against the Traveller, including claims for damages, shall remain unaffected.


5. Confidentiality

Lufthansa and the Traveller agree that all information, data, documents or any other materials contained in this Website are confidential and proprietary and shall be kept confidential by the Traveller and may not be disclosed to any third party, either directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of Lufthansa, except as may be required by law or for the execution of a contract. Breach of the foregoing requirement by the Traveller will, in addition to any other available remedies, cause the Traveller’s access to the Website to be terminated with immediate effect. Upon termination of access to the Website and a written request all confidential Information received from the other party shall be returned. This Confidentiality provision shall survive the expiration or termination of the User’s access.

6. Liability

Lufthansa is not liable for the misuse of third party data by the Traveller as a user of the Website. The Traveller shall be liable for any losses, damages, costs, liabilities and expenses (including without limitation legal fees) incurred or suffered by Lufthansa arising out of any breach by Traveller of any provision of these Terms and Conditions

7.  Data protection

Personal and company data associated with the usage of the self-service Website will be recorded and processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations and will only be used for purposes associated with implementation of the Program.

The Company guarantees that all data protection requirements provided by law, relating to the processing of Traveller’s personal data for the purpose of participating in the Program, through Lufthansa and its Participating Carriers, are complied with. The Company also guarantees that its travellers have been made aware of the Terms and Conditions, to the extent that they agree to the collection, processing and transmission of their personal data for the booking and fulfilment of the Program.
Further details can be found on business.lufthansagroup.com in the section “Data Protection”.

8.  Amendments

8.1. Changes to Terms and Conditions of Use
Lufthansa is entitled to amend provisions of the present Terms and Conditions at any time and without stating grounds, provided that such amendment does not lead to changes in the contractual structure as a whole.
In addition, Lufthansa is entitled to modify or supplement the present Terms and Conditions where necessary in order to eliminate difficulties in executing the Program due to loopholes which have arisen following registration by the User. This may be the case, in particular, if a court of law declares that one or more of the provisions of the present Terms and Conditions are invalid.
The amended Participation Terms will be published beforehand their coming into force.
By the usage of the self-service website the amendments will be accepted by the Traveller.

8.2. Transfer of Rights to Third Parties
Rights under the Program may not be assigned or otherwise transferred to third parties.

8.3. Reference to the valid General Conditions of Carriage
Furthermore the valid General Conditions of Carriage of Lufthansa and its Participating Carriers shall apply for all contracts of carriage.

8.4. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction, Binding Version of Contract
German law shall apply exclusively. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, shall be agreed as the exclusive venue for jurisdiction of all claims arising from and in connection with the Program.

9.  Contact

For any questions, requests or complaints regarding the program please contact the Lufthansa Group for Business Service Center.

Lufthansa Group for Business Service Team
E-Mail: support.business@lufthansa-group.com