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The future of travel has arrived

The first Airbus A350 with the new Lufthansa Allegris long-haul experience on board are taking to the skies. During the introductory phase lasting several months, passengers will be able to initially experience the new Economy Class, Premium Economy Class and Business Class on selected flights between Munich and Vancouver (LH476/LH477) and between Munich and Toronto (LH494/LH495)*. By late summer 2024, further aircraft will be deployed on additional routes.

The routes at a glance**:

  • Munich–Vancouver–Munich: starting May through July 2024
  • Munich–Toronto–Munich: starting May through July 2024
  • Munich–Chicago–Munich: starting August 2024
  • Munich–Shanghai–Munich: starting August 2024
  • Munich–San Francisco–Munich: starting August 2024
  • Munich – Bengaluru – Munich: starting end of October 2024
  • Munich – Cape Town – Munich: starting end of October 2024

Please note that different Airbus A350s that are not yet equipped with Lufthansa Allegris will also be used on these routes. You can find out more about this in the section "What to look out for during the introductory phase".


* With the delivery of more A350 aircraft, the new First Class will also be available for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2024.

** As of: 24 June 2024. Subject to changes.


The most important features at a glance

Starting May 2024, the first aircraft with Lufthansa Allegris on board will operate alternately on the Munich-Vancouver and Munich-Toronto routes. With each additional A350, more destinations will be added, starting with Chicago in July 2024.

The destinations will change from August 2024. In addition to Chicago, San Francisco and Shanghai will then be served from Munich.

During the introductory phase (lasting several months), limited aircraft will be equipped with the new travel classes. During this period, Business Class passengers can choose their desired seat from five different seat options free of charge.

In the second quarter of 2024, selected Lufthansa Allegris flights can be booked (for travel from late summer 2024). Then, your customers have the option of reserving their desired seat in Business Class in advance for an additional charge. Selecting the Business Class Classic Seat remains free of charge.

We will announce further destinations, details regarding the fees for advanced seat reservations, and benefits for status customers at a later date.

What to look out for during the introductory phase

In the first few months only select aircraft will initially be equipped with Lufthansa Allegris. During this time, passengers will only find out at short notice (around three weeks before departure) whether they can experience the new Lufthansa Allegris seats on their flights between Munich and Vancouver and between Munich and Toronto. At this point, the new Lufthansa Allegris seat map will also be visible for these flights in the booking channels and at check-in.

During this time, travelers will find out at short notice (around three weeks before departure) whether they will actually be able to experience the new seats and numerous Lufthansa Allegris options on their flight.

The new Lufthansa Allegris seat map will only be published at this point. If for operational reasons a different Airbus A350 must be used on certain days, the current A350 (non-Allegris) seat map will continue to be displayed in all reservation systems.

Benefit for Business Class passengers: in the introductory phase, Business Class passengers can select their desired seat free of charge, whether it is an Extra Space Seat, Extra Long Bed, Privacy Seat, or Classic Seat (subject to availability). The Business Class Suite will be available exclusively to HON Circle Members and Senators during the introductory phase.

In Premium Economy Class and Economy Class, the seat, as is the case today, can be reserved in advance for a fee, or chosen later during check-in free of charge.

Additional information about booking Lufthansa Allegris

As soon as at least five new Airbus A350s equipped with Lufthansa Allegris are in operation in late summer 2024, the new innovative premium service will consistently be available on selected long-haul routes. In the course of the summer of 2024, you will be able to book one of five different Business Class seats for your customers on these routes. The Business Class Classic Seat is always free of charge to reserve. Optionally, seats with additional comfort features can be purchased in advance or, as before, selected during check-in (subject to availability).

Good to know:

Whether it’s a window or aisle seat, a seat with more legroom or the Business Class Suite, Lufthansa is offering your customers the option of selecting their desired seat in advance. With Lufthansa Allegris, the usual booking and handling process for advanced seat reservation (ASR) remains unchanged. As soon as check-in for the flight begins (generally 30 hours before departure), passengers in all travel classes can of course still select one of the remaining seats.

You will receive further details regarding ASR fees and special benefits for status customers in the coming weeks.