Latest Carbon Filter Technology for good air quality on board

In order to further improve the air quality on board, all A320 aircraft of the Lufthansa Group airlines will be equipped with the best carbon filter technology currently available.

Odors play an important role in the air quality in the cockpit and cabin of an aircraft, also known as "Cabin Air Quality". The perception of an odor says nothing about possible concentrations of hazardous substances, is very subjective and is therefore perceived differently by each person.

The "Advanced Cabin Air Filter" from the manufacturer Pall ensures improved cabin air quality compared to previous filters. In addition to dust, fibers, allergens and viruses, it also filters volatile organic compounds such as exhaust fumes, vapors and odors.

In future, more substances will be filtered out of the cabin air, odor peaks will be eliminated and the duration and intensity of odors will be limited. This ensures greater comfort on board. The roll-out of the new generation of filters is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024.  

Published 09.01.2024