Mixed reality meets Lufthansa-Allegris

Experience mixed reality above the clouds - as part of a pilot program and a partnership with the internet company Meta, the Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Suite will be equipped with Meta Quest 3 on selected flights. This will allow passengers to experience a variety of special mixed reality content in the Business Class Suite. Entertainment, travel, wellness, games and many other interesting contents have been designed for Lufthansa Allegris and the Meta Quest 3.

What is the Meta Quest 3?

The Quest 3, Meta's latest headset, is a wireless device that offers more than just virtual reality. According to Meta, the Quest 3 blurs the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds to create a unique experience. With this partnership, Lufthansa is taking another innovative step in in-flight entertainment. It is the first time an airline has offered access to mixed reality headsets and content in a commercial in-flight environment.

Above the clouds, the boundaries of reality become blurred. Travelers in the Business Class Suite will be able to enjoy a range of immersive mixed reality experiences on selected flights. These include an immersive cinema experience with selected films and TV shows, travel podcasts whose content is brought to life through spatial videos and selected 360-degree videos, interactive games such as Connect Four and chess, and relaxation through active meditation exercises. Travelers in the Business Class Suite can simply lean back and enjoy a unique flight.

Published 11.06.2024