Personal oases of well-being: the Lufthansa Lounges

What do business travelers need to enjoy a relaxed travel experience? What is the trend in lounge design? Where will they be remodeled and where will they be renovated? Let’s take a look at the future of Lufthansa lounges.

The effects of the pandemic have slowed down the further development and overhaul of Lufthansa Lounges and 2023 was a catch-up year for many areas. Minor renovation work was carried out in the German lounges in the short term, for example in the entrance and work areas. The usual range of food and drinks returned and newspapers and magazines were once again available to travelers. Catering was also upgraded last year, often with a local touch and event character - such as teatime at London Heathrow or currywurst in Berlin.

In the long term, however, much more can be expected. The need for peace and privacy has become even greater among business travelers. The world of work has changed drastically and constant accessibility requires quiet and inspiring places to work. Even on the road. This makes it all the more important to develop lounge concepts for the future in which peace and privacy can be easily realized. This requires intelligent spatial planning in which every square meter is planned in detail. Our focus is on meeting the needs of travelers as flexibly as possible - whether they want to work, enjoy a relaxing drink or just relax. Locality and individual character should always take center stage.

You can get an earlylook at the lounge concepts for the coming years in New York, at Newark Airport. Renovation work is already in full swing and the reopening is planned for summer 2024. Planning has just begun for many other locations.

A look at future projects:

A huge project is also underway in New York at John F. Kennedy Airport. The move to a new terminal will take place in 2026 and the lounge will be designed from scratch.

The First Class Terminal in Frankfurt - which will be 20 years old this year - is also undergoing a major transformation. To this end, a project for the future of the First Class Lounge and Terminal Experience has been launched. The focus here is on long-term planning; HON Circle Members and First Class guests should continue to experience their stay in the First Class Terminal as a highlight of their trip in the years to come.

Enjoy the extended lounge offer of the Lufthansa Group airlines and find out which lounges you can visit on upcoming trips worldwide.

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Published 30.01.2024