Plan your seating better - with the new Lufthansa Group airlines seating plans

View all seat details before the flight - The new seat maps are live and offer travelers the opportunity to find the perfect seat while booking or checking in online.

On the websites of Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS, travelers can now view the seats for all aircraft types and versions. For example, the seat map for Lufthansa Allegris, the new travel experience on long-haul routes, is now available. When booking, travelers can view the positions, details and personal extras of the newly designed travel classes.

Detailed insights - The seat map shows the actual, physical cabin layout - with detailed illustrations of the seats. Seats with special features such as window seats, seats without windows and non-adjustable seats are highlighted accordingly in the seat maps.

More information at a glance. Additional content in the form of text and images is provided for each individual seat. Clicking on a seat or on the newly introduced seat type overview opens a separate view with further information.

Improved process. The new seating plans are available in the check-in process for intercontinental flights - the introduction for continental flights will follow shortly.

This extension enables travelers to check in online in a simplified and improved way.

In the past, frequent flyers in particular often used external platforms to obtain more precise details about seats. With the new seat maps, this problem is solved and the booking of business trips within a company can now take place via a single channel - saving valuable time and preventing incorrect information from third-party providers.

Published 08.05.2024