Train, flight, train - in Korea with KORAIL

In Germany, Lufthansa Express Rail is also very popular with business travelers. Train and flight perfectly combined. Travelers can reach Frankfurt Airport quickly from more than 25 train stations and reach their departure flight comfortably with optimal transfer times.

This innovative offer is now available outside Europe for the first time. The Lufthansa Group has entered into a partnership with KORAIL, the most important train operator in South Korea, and is advancing an important sustainable project, intermodality.

As of October 5, 2023, eight additional destinations throughout the country can be reached via Seoul-Incheon International Airport (ICN). Fast and convenient by train. So passengers enjoy the flexibility of flight-to-train options when traveling within South Korea.

KORAIL takes business travelers to their appointments around the country on the KTX, a Korean bullet train.

The route network of the Lufthansa Group airlines will thus be expanded to include the following destinations in Korea:

  • Dongdaegu (XDK)
  • Gwangju (XNJ)
  • Ulsan (XLF)
  • Pohang (XPB)
  • Busan (XMB)
  • Yeosu Expo (XYT)
  • Mokpo (XKX)
  • Jinju (XJX)

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Published 07.11.2023