Lufthansa City Airlines - here we go

Lufthansa City Airlines, the youngest airline in the Lufthansa Group, is launching its flight program initially from Munich to European and German domestic destinations such as Birmingham, Hanover and Düsseldorf.

Flights with Lufthansa City Airlines can already be booked. The airline's first flight will take off on June 26 from Munich to the British industrial and creative center - Birmingham.

Among the flight numbers with the new Lufthansa City Airlines airline code: VL
travelers can already book their flight tickets for direct flights between Munich and numerous European and domestic German destinations.

The fleet is growing - Lufthansa City Airlines is initially rolling onto the runway with aircraft from the A320 family. But it will not stop there. By ordering 40 new and more fuel-efficient Airbus A220-300s, the Lufthansa Group is sending a clear signal for the future of the new airline. As the fleet grows, the route network of Lufthansa City Airlines will be expanded to include further European destinations.

Travelers on board Lufthansa City Airlines can look forward to the usual Lufthansa product and service offering on short and medium-haul routes.

By the way: Lufthansa City Airlines is fully integrated into both PartnerPlusBenefit and the Lufthansa Group for Business corporate contracts.

Published 08.05.2024