The Dreamliner effect: a special travel experience

The Dreamliner: comfortable, innovative, spacious

A particularly quiet cabin, more free space and privacy, lighting that adapts to your biorhythm - and a generous feeling of space that is unparalleled. On board the Boeing 787-9, you can expect a new, comfortable travel experience and many innovations that will make your flight even more relaxing in the future. Look forward to the Dreamliner effect on your next trip.

The Dreamliner effect: plenty of room to relax

As soon as you enter the Dreamliner's inviting cabin, you'll be thrilled by the generous sense of space, ideal for anyone traveling on business. Plenty of space to work, feel good and relax. Whether Economy, Premium Economy or Business Class - an all-round enhanced travel experience awaits you on board the Dreamliner in all classes of travel. Enjoy more space and more comfort - also thanks to the significantly larger overhead bins. Another highlight: the large electrically dimmable windows, t the largest ever installed in an aircraft. In addition, the light levels can be conveniently dimmed at the touch of a button. This provides an additional sense of well-being on board and creates the so-called Dreamliner effect.

Business Class in the Dreamliner: privacy and comfort

The new Business Class is your personal retreat above the clouds. The raised side paneling provides a high degree of privacy and the convenient placement offers direct aisle access. Whether you want to make final preparations for your appointment or relax on the return journey - in the Dreamliner's Business Class, you benefit from many innovations that will make your trip extra special.

Uniquely innovative: lighting according to your needs

Inside, the 787 impresses with its unique lighting. Human Centric Lighting, a specially programmed, flexible lighting system, illuminates the cabin in warm red light, graduated intermediate tones, and cooler blue light. Depending on the time of day or night, the light in the aircraft cabin is thus geared to the passengers' biorhythms - and has been proven to counteract jet lag.

Silence - and up to 30% fewer emissions than its predecessor models

The Dreamliner is one of the most economical long-haul aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet. Thanks to its low consumption of 2.5 liters per capita per 100 kilometers of air, the Boeing 787 consumes up to 30% less kerosene than its comparable predecessors.

In addition to emissions, the fuel-efficient engines also reduce their own noise, making for a particularly relaxing flight experience.

The Dreamliner in figures

Length62.80 m
Span60.10 m
Height17.07 m
Speed920 km/h
Flight altitude maximum13.100 m
Max. Take-off weight252.650 kg
Max. Landing weight192.777 kg
Range*14.010 km
Cabin width5.49 m
First/Business/Premium/Economy (max.)*-/26/247/21

*All data may vary depending on the individual equipment of the Dreamliner.