Lufthansa Group BusinessToGo in partnership with Navan

BusinessToGo—your all-in-one travel management solution

Our innovative platform provides you with a comprehensive travel management solution that simplifies booking flights, hotels, trains, and rental cars. Benefit from our loyalty program, PartnerPlusBenefit, maintain control over travel costs and company travel policies, and optimize your travel expenses with real-time reports.

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6 reasons for using BusinessToGo

1. Book your transportation and
accommodation using one tool

2. Reduce your costs for hotels, flights,
rental cars, and other modes of transport

3. Book, earn, and redeem
your BenefitPoints directly

4. Use artificial intelligence to map out
your most efficient travel options

5. Set your compliance parameters
to avoid surprise costs

6. Save time and effort in
your booking processes

First introduced at the beginning of 2022, Lufthansa Group BusinessToGo in cooperation with Navan is the all-in-one travel management solution for your company. Navan was founded in 2015, providing users at last with a technologically driven and smart solution to manage their travel and travel expenses. In 2021 a strategic partnership with Lufthansa Group was born, bringing together the best of both worlds: Navan’s users-first thinking with Lufthansa Group’s wide experience in travel coordination and passengers’ needs.

BusinessToGo offers comprehensive travel planning and booking that is simple, fast, and cost-effective.

How BusinessToGo works

What your peers say about BusinessToGo

From CEO to travel manager – everyone benefits from BusinessToGo. See for yourself and take a look at some testimonials from our clients who are already taking advantage of the benefits of the all-in-one travel management solution:

"As CEO of ASAM e.V., an internationally active standardization organization with globally distributed members, I require full transparency and control of travel expenses while ensuring high flexibility for our employees to organize their travel optimally. The BusinessToGo application provides an excellent platform for seamlessly integrating different components (flights, trains, hotels, etc.) into an individual travel plan. This has turned the travel agency into a barrier-free online solution for us."

Marius Dupuis, CEO

"I am responsible for travel management at the BMK Group. BusinessToGo offers top-class digital travel management. It is fast, efficient, and time-saving. Flight bookings can be made in half the time. A profile with personal information is created for each traveler. Passport information, loyalty programs, and even seat preferences are automatically inserted with each flight booking, so they no longer must be entered manually. This brings us enormous time savings and significant benefits, such as minimizing errors in travel management. I am excited!"

Susanne Riehl, Travel Manager
BMK Group

Easy onboarding with BusinessToGo

1. Register with your email and confirm your registration in your email inbox

2. Start the onboarding process and get ready for bookings in just a few minutes

3. Get ready for PartnerPlusBenefit and collect or redeem your BenefitPoints

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lufthansa Group BusinessToGo in partnership with Navan is currently only available to companies based in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France and United Kingdom.