Sounds of wellbeing

From Africa to Asia

The wind rustles through the date palms in a small oasis town in the Sahara Desert – this is exactly where your wellbeing journey begins. And with just a click you can travel to your next destination: Asia, with its deeply relaxing meditation music. You can also take inspiration from the Nigerian ‘ubuntu’ philosophy or try the Japanese practice of taking a short power nap to recharge your batteries.
Whether you want to listen, try it yourself, or get inspired by more worldwide wellbeing techniques:
simply do it your way.

Listen & unwind


Sounds of a desert storm

A small town in the Sahara: a charming hut, a little patio, and a view of the magnificent dunes that spread out before you like a sea of sand. Can you picture it? Then go ahead – these sounds will transport you to this magical place and take you away from the daily grind for a little while.


Sounds of Zen

No other continent boasts more wellbeing techniques than Asia. But there is one that most clearly embodies relaxation and inner peace: meditation music. Just sit back, close your eyes, and focus on yourself for the next few minutes – you'll see how good it feels.

Fancy more wellbeing sounds?

Whether for focused work, reading or just unwinding – you'll find a wide selection of relaxing sounds in our wellbeing playlist.

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Cherish others, empower yourself

Sharing, fairness, hospitality, caring and sincerity – that is ‘ubuntu.’ Originating in Nigeria, the philosophy translates to "humanity for others" and represents an approach to life that places others above self. Just try to be mindful of those around you and fully enjoy being with the people you can count on. Seeing and perceiving positively can really make you feel more empowered. Why not give it a try?


Japanese power naps

Just closing your eyes for a brief moment – doesn't that sound amazing sometimes? That's exactly how it's done in Japan, anywhere and at any time. This practice is known as ‘inemuri’ and it is even considered a sign of hard work among the Japanese. Why don't you try it yourself: if you ever feel tired, just close your eyes for a little while and relax.

Get inspired


A sip full of energy

Imagine being able to drink away your stress? No problem: Japanese matcha tea is often drunk as a meditation aid and for a variety of other health benefits. The green super drink is the perfect anti-stress remedy – and it tastes delicious too. Try incorporating matcha tea into your daily routine and say goodbye to daily stress!


Tense, release and relax

Edmund Jacobson was an American physician and creator of the progressive muscle relaxation method. This consists of consciously tensing and relaxing the muscles of the body and contains elements of classical yoga relaxation. By alternately tensing and relaxing individual muscle groups, you can achieve a deepened sense of calm. Want to give it a try? Just follow these five steps:

  • Phase 1 - Focus your attention on the muscle group in question.
  • Phase 2 - Tense the muscle group in question. The tension should be clearly felt, but do not strain.
  • Phase 3 - Hold the tension for 7-10 seconds, keeping your attention focused on the muscle group in question.
  • Phase 4 - Release the tension. Notice the feeling of relaxation.
  • Phase 5 - Focus your attention on the muscle group in question for another 30 seconds.