Sounds of wellbeing

From Africa to Europe

The wind rustles through the date palms in a small oasis town in the Sahara Desert – this is exactly where your wellbeing journey begins. In the heart of Africa, your relaxing time-out is ensured. Top it off by crossing the sea and immersing yourself in the sounds of Europe’s vast forests. And after that, get to know an ancient Egyptian wellbeing technique or unwind by bringing Iceland and its hot springs into your own four walls.
Whether you want to listen, try it yourself, or get inspired by more worldwide wellbeing techniques:
simply do it your way.

Listen & unwind


Sounds of a desert storm

A small town in the Sahara: a charming hut, a little patio, and a view of the magnificent dunes that spread out before you like a sea of sand. Can you picture it? Then go ahead – these sounds will transport you to this magical place and take you away from the daily grind for a little while.


Sounds of the forest

A river, the forest, and countless birds. Brown, red, yellow, and orange: the path is colored by the many fallen leaves. A light drizzle falls, and it smells wonderful. Somewhere in the forests of Europe you will find the peace and wellbeing that will make your day just that little bit better. Put on your headphones and listen – the relaxation will come all by itself.

Fancy more wellbeing sounds?

Whether for focused work, reading or just unwinding – you'll find a wide selection of relaxing sounds in our wellbeing playlist.

Try it yourself


Say goodbye to bad toxins

Originally from Egypt, cupping therapy is a technique used to pull bad toxins from the body. By applying heat on the area to be healed, this practice can be extremely effective in treating blood disorders, migraines, skin problems, and anxiety. Sounds interesting? Your nearest practitioner is probably not far away – so start looking forward to deep relaxation!


Do it the Icelandic way

Iceland is located in one of the most active geothermal zones on earth. This results in an abundance of hot springs filled with natural ice water heated by the earth's crust. And these are said to work wonders, making your skin smooth and soft, and your body relaxed. Why not try it for yourself: simply enjoy a 40°C bath in your own bathtub and experience the sensation in your own home.

Get inspired

South America

Taste the energy

Popular throughout Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil: yerba mate is an herbal tea that gives you a real energy boost. Because of its many health benefits and caffeine content, it is often used as a coffee substitute. Why not swap your morning coffee for a cup of mate tea and see if this brings you more energy throughout the day.


Cherish others, empower yourself

Sharing, fairness, hospitality, caring and sincerity – that is ‘ubuntu.’ Originating in Nigeria, the philosophy translates to "humanity for others" and represents an approach to life that places others above self. Just try to be mindful of those around you and fully enjoy being with the people you can count on. Seeing and perceiving positively can really make you feel more empowered. Why not give it a try?