Sounds of wellbeing

From South America to Asia

South America and Asia – two contrasting continents. Yet they have one thing in common: great opportunities to unwind! Today's journey will take you from the satisfying sounds of the Amazon rainforest to the deep relaxation of Zen music. And after that: How about taking some time to enjoy the simplicity of laughter? Or perhaps you'd rather relax with a cup of hot mate tea? Whether you want to listen, try it yourself, or get inspired by more worldwide wellbeing techniques: simply do it your way.

Listen & unwind

South America

Sounds of the rainforest

Between densely overgrown trees, the rain falls on the damp ground. The leaves rustle, the birds sing. Welcome to the depths of the Amazon, the ideal place to escape your everyday routine for a brief moment and simply listen to the magical sounds of nature.


Sounds of ZEN

No other continent boasts more wellbeing techniques than Asia. But there is one that most clearly embodies relaxation and inner peace: meditation music. Just sit back, close your eyes, and focus on yourself for the next few minutes – you'll see how good it feels.

Fancy more wellbeing sounds?

Whether for focused work, reading or just unwinding – you'll find a wide selection of relaxing sounds in our wellbeing playlist.

Try it yourself

South America

Taste the energy

Popular throughout Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil, yerba mate is an herbal tea that gives a real energy boost. Because of its many health benefits and caffeine content, it is often used as a coffee substitute. Why not swap your morning coffee for a cup of mate tea and see if this brings you more energy throughout the day.


Make laughter a part of your life

Have you ever heard of laughter yoga? This practice, which originated in India, combines breathing exercises with forced laughter. It boosts your immune system, brings more oxygen to your body, and simply makes you feel happier. To practice it, you just need to incorporate more laughter into your daily life.

Get inspired


Do it the Icelandic way

Iceland is located in one of the most active geothermal zones on earth. This results in an abundance of hot springs filled with natural ice water heated by the earth's crust. And these are said to work wonders, making your skin smooth and soft, and your body relaxed. Why not try it for yourself: simply enjoy a 40°C bath in your own bathtub and experience the sensation in your own home.


A bath in the forest

The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, which translates as "forest bathing," is based on the belief that time spent in nature will sharpen intuition, boost energy flow and increase overall happiness. To practice it, all you have to do is make it a goal to get outside and into nature at least once a week. Maybe have an outdoor picnic or a short walk – either way, practicing shinrin-yoku can really improve your wellbeing.