Sounds of wellbeing

From North America to Europe

A gentle breeze, the sound of lapping waves, and absolute tranquility: welcome to the Atlantic coast. Take a little time out from the daily grind and immerse yourself in the varied wellbeing techniques that North America has to offer. And not only North America – an ocean away, Europe also has plenty to offer: from the sounds of vast forests to coffee breaks, Swedish style. Whether you want to listen, try it yourself, or get inspired by more worldwide wellbeing techniques: simply do it your way.

Listen & unwind

North America

Sounds of the ocean

The cool wooden pier beneath your feet, the smell of salt water, the sound of the waves, and before you the deep blue ocean stretching to the horizon. Can you picture it in your mind's eye? Good, because North America’s Atlantic coast is simply fascinating – and here is a small part of it for you to experience.


Sounds of the forest

A river, the forest, and countless birds. Brown, red, yellow, and orange: the path is colored by the many fallen leaves. A light drizzle falls, and it smells wonderful. Somewhere in the forests of Europe you will find the peace and wellbeing that will make your day just that little bit better. Put on your headphones and listen – the relaxation will come all by itself.

Fancy more wellbeing sounds?

Whether for focused work, reading or just unwinding – you'll find a wide selection of relaxing sounds in our wellbeing playlist.

Try it yourself


Tense, release and relax

Edmund Jacobson was an American physician and creator of the progressive muscle relaxation method. This consists of consciously tensing and relaxing the muscles of the body and contains elements of classical yoga relaxation. By alternately tensing and relaxing individual muscle groups, you can achieve a deepened sense of calm. Want to give it a try? Just follow these five steps:

  • Phase 1 - Focus your attention on the muscle group in question.
  • Phase 2 - Tense the muscle group in question. The tension should be clearly felt, but do not strain.
  • Phase 3 - Hold the tension for 7-10 seconds, keeping your attention focused on the muscle group in question.
  • Phase 4 - Release the tension. Notice the feeling of relaxation.
  • Phase 5 - Focus your attention on the muscle group in question for another 30 seconds.


A Swedish coffee break

We all take short coffee breaks. But not the way the Swedes do it. Their coffee break – ‘fika’ – is an important ritual that is part of Swedish culture. A takeaway coffee at your desk is an absolute no-no here – instead, you enjoy your hot drink, often with a sweet treat, in the company of friends or colleagues. You can never be too busy for fika. Why not introduce it to your daily routine?

Get inspired


Say goodbye to bad toxins

Originally from Egypt, cupping therapy is a technique used to pull bad toxins from the body. By applying heat on the area to be healed, this practice can be extremely effective in treating blood disorders, migraines, skin problems, and anxiety. Sounds interesting? Your nearest practitioner is probably not far away – so start looking forward to deep relaxation!


Make laughter a part of your life

Have you ever heard of laughter yoga? This practice, which originated in India, combines breathing exercises with forced laughter. It boosts your immune system, brings more oxygen to your body, and simply makes you feel happier. To practice it, you just need to incorporate more laughter into your daily life.