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Your options in the event of flight disruptions

How to find a solution quickly

Here you will find all the important services, assistance, and tips you need to find help quickly in a particular situation. In our experience this is the simplest way to find a solution.

Flight status

Should there be any air traffic disruptions, you can get all the latest information here.

-> Austrian Airlines

-> Brussels Airlines

-> Eurowings

-> Lufthansa


Check your rebooking alternatives

In the event that your flight has to be canceled, you will usually be rebooked onto another flight by us free of charge and informed automatically via the contact details you have provided. If you do not receive any communication from us, you can quickly check whether you have already been rebooked: please look at the current status of your booking or contact our Chat Assistant.

Fast help with last-minute rebooking

Was your flight canceled at short notice? Using our Chat Assistant you can check further rebooking options and rebook onto another flight yourself free of charge. You can also do this at My bookings.

-> Chat Assistant (Austrian Airlines)

-> Chat Assistant (Brussels Airlines)

-> My bookings (Eurowings)

-> Chat Assistant (Lufthansa)

-> Chat Assistant (SWISS)

Your meal voucher

With a flight delay of at least two hours, you will receive a meal voucher. You can redeem this in numerous participating restaurants at the airport. Simply show your boarding pass to do this. We will also inform you about this regularly via SMS, email, or notifications in the app.

-> To a list of all participating airports

Overnight hotel stay in the case of flight delays

In the event that your departure is postponed until the following day, we will arrange your overnight stay in a hotel.* Please check whether you have already received information about this via email or SMS. In exceptional cases, you can also book a hotel yourself. Your airline will cover the costs of the overnight stay, transport to the hotel, and meals—please ensure that the costs of your choice remain reasonable. To submit receipts, please use the feedback form and attach your boarding pass and bank details.

-> Feedback and contact form (Austrian Airlines)

-> Feedback and contact form (Brussels Airlines)

-> Feedback and contact form (Eurowings)

-> Feedback and contact form (Lufthansa)

-> Feedback and contact form (SWISS)

* Please note that overnight hotel stays cannot be booked by calling the Service Center of the Lufthansa Group airlines.

Train ticket “Good for train”

In the event that your Lufthansa flight within Germany or between Germany and Basle or Salzburg had to be canceled at short notice and we are unable to offer you a suitable replacement flight, you can convert your flight ticket into a Deutsche Bahn train ticket. This can be done quickly and easily at a check-in machine or online.

-> To the train ticket

Refund of your ticket

If you would like to have your ticket refunded, the Chat Assistant will help you quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can also request the refund in the app or at My bookings.

For tickets which were booked via a travel agency, we recommend that you contact them.





Compensation in the event of flight disruptions

If the arrival of your flight was delayed by at least three hours, the flight was canceled, or you missed your connecting flight, by using our online form you can initiate the investigation of your claim to compensation according to Art. 7 VO 261/2004.

-> Application for compensation (Austrian Airlines)

 -> Application for compensation (Brussels Airlines)

-> Application for compensation (Eurowings)

-> Application for compensation (Lufthansa)

-> Application for compensation (SWISS)

Passenger rights

If your flight was canceled, delayed by more than two hours, or you were refused carriage on a flight for which you have a confirmed booking, you have rights in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004.

Please note that the airline that operates or should operate the flight is always responsible for granting your rights. Written information about passenger rights is also displayed on counters at the airport.

-> Passenger rights (Austrian Airlines)

-> Passenger rights (Brussels Airlines)

-> Passenger rights (Eurowings)

-> Passenger rights (Lufthansa)

-> Passenger rights (SWISS)