Lufthansa Express Bus: new service from Nuremberg to Munich

Lufthansa now serves the Nuremberg - Munich route with a Lufthansa Express Bus connection instead of by air.

Currently, Lufthansa offers four daily bus connections between the airports of Nuremberg (NUE) and Munich (MUC). The Lufthansa Express Bus operates with a Lufthansa flight number and is booked in the same way as a Lufthansa feeder flight. The boarding pass for the flight also serves as a ticket for the bus.

Since 18.01.2022 it has been even more convenient to travel with the Lufthansa Express Bus from Nuremberg via Munich to destinations all over the world: Passengers can now check in their luggage with the driver or a station employee directly at the bus before departure in Nuremberg and it will be automatically transported on to the respective connecting flights at Munich Airport, and can be picked up again at the destination. This eliminates the need for passengers to carry and check in their luggage at Munich Airport themselves, while maintaining the short lead time of 15 minutes at the bus in Nuremberg. Travelers will have to check in via online or mobile check-in from 23h until 15 minutes before departure at the latest. To make the travel time of 2 hours and 15 minutes comfortable, a "5-star bus" will be used on this route, which offers maximum free space to the front seat and is equipped with power sockets and USB ports. Due to a 2-1 seating arrangement, there is also a generous seat pitch.

This service is offered exclusively on the Nuremberg - Munich route. On the Munich - Nuremberg route, automatic baggage transport is not possible for customs reasons.

Important information for traveling with Lufthansa Express Bus:

  • Online or mobile check-in from 23 h until 15 minutes before departure.
  • One boarding pass each for Lufthansa Express Bus and the connecting flight
  • Boarding pass is valid as ticket
  • Journey only possible with pre-booked and pre-paid ticket - no ticket sales on the bus
  • Munich-Nuremberg route: Baggage reclaim in Terminal 2 at Munich Airport. Automatic transport of luggage directly to the bus is not possible for customs reasons.
  • Short route when changing at Munich Airport: The bus arrives on the departure level near the baggage claim and departs from the Terminal 2 bus station (approx. 3 minutes walk from baggage claim).

Published 28.01.2022