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Pre-flight essentials for summer 2023

Help your customers get ready for a busy summer travel season. Our pre-flight preparation guidelines have all the essential information and links needed to get ready for traveling with the airlines of the Lufthansa Group. 

Provide contact details

Help us reach your customers in case of flight irregularities: please always enter the customer contact details in the PNR using the “SSR CTC” format.

-> Learn more about contact data entry

Stay well informed

The apps of the Lufthansa Group airlines help at every step of the journey: travelers can book seats, issue their boarding pass and much more, directly via the app. They’ll also receive automatic notifications about their upcoming flight, access other personalized services, and can manage their personal data conveniently.

-> Download Austrian Airlines app

-> Download Brussels Airlines app

-> Download Eurowings app

-> Download Lufthansa app

-> Download SWISS app

Check entry requirements

To find out which entry regulations should be observed for your destination, visit our dedicated Entry Requirements page.

-> To the entry requirements

Book time-slot access to security check

At many airports, travelers can reserve a security check time slot in advance to avoid long waiting times and to make their airport experience even more stress-free.

-> Learn more

Baggage preparation

We encourage travelers to attach an address tag (name, cell phone number and email address) to each piece of luggage. 

For added security, we recommend placing a completed contact form inside the bag to help us track lost luggage.

-> Download contact form

Late-night check-in

It is possible to check in baggage the evening before departure – a service especially convenient for groups and passengers with small children or extra luggage.

-> Austrian Airlines

-> Eurowings

-> Lufthansa


-> Eurowings Discover

Online check-in

Online check-in saves time at the airport and can easily be completed on the websites and apps of the Lufthansa Group airlines. There’s no need to print out a boarding pass as it can be saved on the smartphone. At many airports, travelers can check in their baggage themselves at our self-service bag drop kiosks.

Our tip: Please be sure to provide your customers with the airline booking code or ticket number, as this information is required for identification purposes when checking in online.

Flight status check

Travelers are asked to check the flight status for any departure updates – such as time and gate changes – before setting out on their journey.

-> Austrian Airlines

-> Brussels Airlines

-> Eurowings

-> Lufthansa


Plan enough time at the airport

We recommend that travelers allow extra time at the airport, especially if they wish to check in baggage. There may be longer wait times due to an increased number of passengers, so travelers should allow enough time for checking in their baggage and going through security check.

Reduce carry-on baggage

Minimizing carry-on bags helps reduce long waits and rechecking of bags at security checkpoints.

How we get ready for your customers’ journey

Before a flight can take off, a lot of wheels have to be set in motion. At the airport and beyond, various departments and infrastructure partners work together to give each airplane a seamless departure or welcome. Punctuality and safety are paramount, but so are hospitality and hygiene. Everything is constantly monitored, checked and adjusted, especially when flight irregularities happen.

Here's how our colleagues from various teams prepare for your customers’ best possible flight experience.

"I know every corner of the airport. When I see problems, I can act quickly.”                               

Matthias I Duty Manager I Hub Control Centers, Frankfurt

One facet of Matthias' day-to-day work is managing the flow of passengers. 

Every day, he observes the various points through which each traveler passes. If passenger flow is held up anywhere between border control, security, and the airport, he communicates problems and solves matters.

One of the ways his team improves delay times is through ‘aircraft positioning’. If a flight has many passengers who need the same connecting flight, the team can decide to park the airplanes closer together. It is a matter of coordination between gates, and it significantly reduces passengers’ transfer time.

By acting swiftly, we can save our passengers valuable minutes.

You can find Matthias and his colleagues as you make your way through the airport.

“We regularly transfer passengers and their luggage in person".     

Annemarie I Head of Aircraft & Ground Handling, Vienna

Annemarie’s team manages everything on the ground to prepare airplanes for take-off.

So much goes into organizing a flight: personnel, equipment, catering, loaders, fuel suppliers, cleaning crew – we coordinate all these different services. That means our team has to act immediately when things get delayed, in many different ways. For example, if passengers have a really tight transfer – and need to get through security and/or customs – we can organize a personal transfer.

New this year is the "Rapid Response Team" for baggage. They act when the transfer time is less than 35 minutes. That's how long a baggage transfer usually takes in Vienna. When this happens, we will send a member of our staff to personally pick up the bag and bring it to the connecting flight. In May 2023 alone, we were able to transfer 2,724 bags this way. Their owners will never know – because their luggage arrived with them.

It is important to me that things run smoothly, but equally important that they run safely. 

You will find Annemarie’s team at the airport’s ground operations, especially during take-off and landing.

“We monitor the critical flights, with a new prediction tool.”

Amin I Project Lead Handluggage Mission 2023 Lufthansa Group Ground Operations, Vienna 

Amin’s team prevents delays caused by carry-on baggage. 

Believe it or not, hand luggage is my favorite topic these days. Because it plays an important role in making sure flights are on time. To improve baggage management, our team developed a brand-new digital tool: The “COB Prediction Tool”, which launched on 1 June 2023.

Our tool uses a wealth of data to calculate risk: historical delays, connecting flights, flight loads, passengers, and it predicts which flights could become “carry-on critical”. Passengers booked on routes flagged as critical will be emailed in advance and given the opportunity to check their bags free of charge. If a flight turns out to be too full, Amin’s team comes to the gate to help move the bags into the belly of the plane.

We just started, but we already see a downward trend in delays. We will keep at it!

Amin’s team can be found at the airport's many check-in counters and gates.


Laura I Product Owner Lufthansa Group Network Airlines apps I Digital Hangar, Vienna

Laura's team is behind the creation of our travel apps.

Put simply, we make sure the apps of the Lufthansa Group airlines meet our customers’ needs. How do we know what our travelers need? We have many ways to find out: through feedback tools, actual customer interviews, and testing. Key for travelers is staying up to date about the flight schedule, which our apps’ real-time functionality and notifications provide.

This summer, we are introducing a number of new options. Here are just a few:

Security waiting times allow our travelers to see the expected waiting time at certain dedicated airports.  Fast lane prebooking offers passengers a specific time slot at the security lane, if available at the specific airport. Another personalized service feature, the  Chat Assistant, can be particularly useful in the event of irregularities, as it guides the customer in the best possible way.

The focus of our daily work is to support our customers with our apps in the best way possible, especially during peak season.

Laura’s team can be found at the various Digital Hangar office locations of the Lufthansa Group.

“Our new communication will help customers reach their destination well-informed.”

Patricia I Communication Manager I Customer Information Management Lufthansa Group, Zurich  

We manage end-to-end customer communication, from travel preparation tips to potential flight disruption scenarios.

With the peak travel season in mind, the Lufthansa Group has set up a task force. The goal of this task force is to provide all passengers with the right information at the best possible time through targeted channels, along their journey.

We offer various ways to connect with passengers through multiple touchpoints, including digital channels like social media, chat assistant, newsletters, app notifications, SMS, email, our websites, through travel agencies and finally through our airport staff and crew members.

Because it is crucial that we reach each passenger at their convenience.

You can find Patricia working remotely, communicating across all our channels.

"We have taken extensive steps to improve our customer experience at the airport."

Alexander I Hub Duty Officer, Operational Management I Ground Operations Integrated OPS Control Center, Frankfurt

Alexander and his team monitor inbound and outbound flights up to the minute. 

As soon as flight plans change, his team communicates with all the different ground services to coordinate solutions. The control center is the single, trusted source for maintaining timeliness and improving processes.

This year, the team decided to reorganize its stakeholder alignment with all the different ground teams. For one thing, they now meet daily. Together, they flag fully booked or heavily loaded flights, which are then assigned more staff to speed up the loading process.

People are the key. To make our customers' travel a pleasant experience, we need people to pave the way. Last year, Lufthansa hired more than 500 new employees for all operational departments at Frankfurt Airport, mainly in customer facing roles.

You can find Alexander’s team behind large screens at offices near the airport.

Your options in the event of flight disruptions

We make every effort to always get our passengers reliably to their destination on time. However, air traffic disruptions may occur, departure gates may change, flights may be delayed or even have to be cancelled.

In the event of a flight disruption, please visit our dedicated website. Here you will find all the important services, assistance, and tips you need to help your customers quickly in a particular situation.

-> To the eXperts website “Flight irregularities”

Problems with your baggage

You can find out where to claim compensation for damage, as well as where to get information about your delayed item of baggage here.

-> To problems with your baggage