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The future is getting easier

Benefit from extensive improvements in one of the world's largest corporate bonus programs

Earn benefit points, receive rewards and reduce travel costs with your business trips - we're now making this familiar principle even easier for you. With extensive improvements to our PartnerPlusBenefit program, over the course of the year, you can look forward to many adjustments and simplifications. From summer 2023, we will begin the program update and here’s a summary of the changes.

Simply more transparent: the new system for collecting points

Until now, your Benefit Points for your ticket were calculated based on travel class and route and listed in collective lists. We have simplified the calculation process for you and made it more transparent.  From now on, your Benefit points are linked to the actual ticket price - making the calculation of your Benefit Points much clearer.

The following simple formula will help you to calculate your Benefit Points when purchasing tickets:

For example, if a ticket costs 500€ (including the surcharge levied by the airlines), just multiply the price by your conversion factor, which you will find posted on the PartnerPlusBenefit website.

Good to know: When we calculate Benefit Points, we also adjust the value of each award to reflect the new points logic.

What happens to existing Benefit Points? Existing Benefit Points will retain their original value and will be adjusted to reflect the new point logic. With the update, your current point balance will increase and the topped-up Benefit Points will then be valid again for three years.

Simply faster: Points crediting after just one week

Following the program update, your Benefit Points will be available to you much quicker. We have changed the basis of the data  that is used to calculate the points and your Benefit Points will now be credited already one week after your last flight.

This applies to all flights with Lufthansa Group airlines. For flights with our partner airlines, your Benefit Points will be available to you six to eight weeks after the flight.

Simply more attractive: Your rewards in the Worldshop

The Benefit Worldshop will no longer exist in its previous form. Under the Miles & More Worldshop - a larger assortment with attractive rewards is now waiting for you. Apart from that, nothing will change for you - you will still be able to redeem your Benefit Points in the same way as you are used to.

Until the changeover in summer 2023, please continue to redeem your Benefit Points in theBenefit Worldshop 


Simply more uniform: One company, one contract, one account

The PartnerPlusBenefit conversion also makes program management easier. Companies with offices in multiple countries can now simply run their PartnerPlusBenefit contract through the company's headquarters. Benefit points accumulated by the subsidiaries, no matter in which country the tickets are purchased, can then be credited to a common corporate account, if desired.

Your benefits at-a-glance

  • more transparency and fairness
  • easy calculation of the new point values
  • faster crediting of points and faster redemption of rewards
  • larger range of rewards in the Worldshop
  • increased share of points valid for three years
  • more attractive rewards
  • Uniform account management for international branches via a PartnerPlusBenefit contract
  • Transfer of collected points from branches to a company account possible

As you can see: With PartnerPlusBenefit, many things are changing for your benefit - and this is just the beginning. Look forward to more program innovations that we'll be implementing throughout the year.

Stay tuned…we will keep you up to date.