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We at Lufthansa Group are here to travel with you on your entrepreneurial journey. We know that business growth is fast-paced and comes with changing travel requirements. Here's how we deliver cost efficiency, flexibility, environmental stewardship and convenient international travel options.

The Lufthansa Group offers companies the privilege of double benefits. Especially interesting for young companies is the possibility to earn PartnerPlusBenefit points in addition to Miles & More miles for the same business flight.

As a growing business, you need smart sustainability solutions. To meet your needs, we offer a wide range of options to offset or reduce flight-related CO₂  emissions.


As your business expands, so will your travel needs. Our extensive network of routes can provide efficient flights, flexibility in planning, and time savings.


As your company expands, so may your need for travel convenience. In addition to your personal mileage account, your PartnerPlusBenefit Points account grows over time. Giving access to many exclusive amenities.

Double Benefit: both business and personal growth

The privilege of double benefits: with us, you can save business and personal points for the same flights.  After all, for most startups, your business is your life. Simply enroll in both programs to take advantage.



From your first flight with any Lufthansa Group airline or our Benefit Partners worldwide, you will earn valuable PartnerPlusBenefit points. 

These points can be redeemed for attractive rewards that benefit your business and travel spending.

But before anything, you will receive a welcome bonus and a credit card bonus upon registration.

An overview of the benefits

-> Free Flights

-> Upgrade

-> Excess baggage

-> Sixt-Voucher

-> Seat Reservation

 -> FlyNet®

-> Lounge Voucher

-> VIP-Services

-> Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

-> Worldshop Rewards      


Miles & More


While you and your team earn benefit points for the company during business flights, the same trips also add Miles & More savings to your team memebers' personal Miles & More accounts. 

The Miles & More program has three categories that offer different benefits: Frequent Traveler, Senator, and HON Circle.

You can use your reward miles however you want, and exchange them easily, such as for a trip to your desired location.

Sustainable Business: level up your sustainability effort

Bring your sustainability to a business level. Every traveler with the Lufthansa Group can offset CO₂ emissions. As a business, you have the option to upgrade to our Green Fares or choose a more flexible Compensaid plan.

Get started with ease: Green Fares

In order to travel more consciously, reducing and offsetting the CO₂ emissions caused by air travel plays an important role. Our travellers can opt for the Green Fares tariff, which enables environmentally conscious flying throughout Europe. This tariff comes with a 20% cut in CO₂ emissions through Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and 80% offset through top-grade climate protection projects.

Sustainable business travel: Compensaid

With Compensaid, you have control over making your travels more environmentally friendly: both during and after your flight, you have the option of either offsetting or reducing your emissions. Compensaid provides you with both - the ability to offset emissions through climate protection initiatives or decrease them with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) technology

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) are fuels made without fossil fuels and meet strict sustainability standards. They offer a vital substitute for traditional aviation fuel and are central to the aviation industry's shift toward sustainability. SAF generates a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional kerosene, especially when made of biogenic residues, reducing its environmental impact by around 80%.

Compensate with points and miles

As a contribution to sustainability in the company, PartnerPlusBenefit members can convert their Benefit Points into SAF. Depending on the amount of Benefit Points redeemed, companies receive a Scope 3 certificate for CO₂ savings in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard for their commitment. Miles & More also offers the opportunity to offset the CO₂ emissions of your flights as part of its program.

Limitless Connectivity: spreading your wings

Our extensive route network


Business travel is essential to the growth of your company. Personal interactions are vital for this purpose. With an extensive route network, the Lufthansa Group offers efficient and convenient connections and direct flights around the world.

Enhance business ties and create significant new relationships.

Upwards Comfort: with business growth comes exclusivity

A large selection of amenities

Inspire your up-and-coming team with exclusive comfort before and during air travel or impress business partners with VIP services as well as lounge access. Take advantage of the variety of our ten rewards to get the most out of the PartnerPlusBenefit points you collect for your growing business.

Elevate status and benefits

The world-class personal frequent flyer and rewards program, Miles & More, gradually opens up a wealth of privileges to make every trip even more enjoyable. Collect valuable miles in-flight or on the ground and treat yourself or others to exquisite awards. Dive into a world of advantageous benefits with Miles & More.

Lufthansa Group for Start-ups

These emerging start-ups benefit from both programs: Miles&More and PartnerPlusBenefit.

In 2019, Oliver Lichtenstein co-founded Beagle Systems. The start-up provides aerial data on demand, making any place on earth accessible at the touch of a button. With more than 2.500 km flown each month, Beagle is the leading long-range drone operator in Europe, flying exclusively beyond visual line of sight.

Through their network of drones and charging stations, they provide customers in the Energy and Agriculture sectors with valuable real-time insights into their assets.

In 2020, Malte Koeditz founded spaciv, a platform for next-level workplace strategies. Their mission is to eliminate waste in corporate real estate. Through a proprietary engine, they accurately calculate space requirements, helping their customers create the workplaces they really need: right-sized and fit-for-purpose.

As a result, organizations can confidently make decisions that increase the cost-efficiency, user-centricity, and sustainability of their workplaces.

Nioomi, founded in 2023 in Hamburg, is a digital marketplace for international IT recruiting that connects highly qualified tech talents from all over the world with German companies. The mission: Borders don't have to be blockers. ensures that the talent's origin will no longer play a role in job placement.

Besides that, Nioomi provides a web-based relocation tool, making the process highly efficient and thus reducing hiring time and costs.