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Limitless connections – with a comprehensive global route network

Whether it’s a beach vacation in the Caribbean with the family, a solo trip to the USA or a big-city adventure with friends in Singapore – often it’s not the places themselves that make a journey unforgettable, but rather the people we share them with. Interpersonal relationships: that’s what travel is all about. And with the Lufthansa Group’s extensive route network, we offer your customers countless opportunities and limitless connections to meet the whole world.

But how do you establish new contacts in foreign countries? Which destinations are best suited to fulfill travel dreams? And can you recommend the latest trend, the workation, to your customers? Read all about this and much more – and find out how you, in travel sales, can make your customers’ trips as smart and inspiring as possible.

Five tips for making contacts abroad

Getting to know not only the country but also the people while traveling? Some people find this difficult – perhaps your customers do too. Why is that? It often only takes a small step to step out of your comfort zone and approach others. Everything else then usually follows almost by itself.

Apps and websites

Digital is better

Good old small talk at the coffee shop or supermarket will probably never go out of style, but it's not for everyone. A great alternative to this are apps like Bumble or websites like Meetup: These digital helpers make it quick and easy to find people in the immediate vicinity who share the same interests and are happy to introduce others to their neighborhood. And don't worry: network expansion is so far advanced in most countries that your customers won't fall into a dead zone, even in remote corners.

Team sports

Welcome to the team!

If your customers are abroad for a longer period of time, e.g. for a work assignment, contact with the local people is not always a matter of course. That's why you should recommend that your customers become members of a sports team. This kills two birds with one stone: Firstly, sport is the perfect balance to work. Secondly, team spirit brings people together, because everyone in the team has a common goal. The camaraderie begins at the first training session and deepens at the next victory celebration.

Cooking class

Get to the stove!

A stroll through the local markets or a meal in a typical restaurant – if your customers want to explore the regional cuisine of their vacation destination, this is a must. Why not take it up a notch with a cooking course on site? Here, your customers will not only learn the authentic preparation of local specialties, but will also have a playful conversation with the local chefs and gain interesting insights into table manners – and certainly beyond!

Supper club

A guest at other people's tables

Your customers don't like to stand in the kitchen? Then they can simply sit down directly at the dining table: With the help of portals such as, so-called "supper clubs" – informal events for eating together in the host's private home – can be found in almost every major city. However, no one comes here for the good food alone, because the concept of every supper club always includes conversation with the other guests. The perfect opportunity for your customers to make new contacts and enjoy local specialties.

Dog friendly

Sightseeing with four paws

Are your customers traveling with a dog? Then they know from home how quickly you can strike up a conversation with others while walking your dog. It's usually no different abroad. Advise your customers to find out about a dog-friendly park, a dog run or similar – and it won't be long before they meet unfamiliar four-legged friends and their two-legged companions. The chances of making new acquaintances in the process are extremely high here. And who knows, maybe your customers will get to know completely new facets of your vacation destination, including other residents.

It's all in the mix: three cities for different tastes

When it comes to choosing the right travel destination, it's often not so easy to reconcile all the different preferences. But it's not impossible: We have selected three cities for your customers, where travelers with a wide variety of interests will get their money's worth.


Gaming, Michelin-Star cuisine and mountain hiking

For gaming nerds from all over the world, Tokyo is a true El Dorado. From retro video games to the latest VR experiences, fans will find everything their gaming hearts desire, especially in the garish Akihabara district. If that's not enough, Japan's largest e-sports theme park welcomes its visitors just a few metro stops away in the Red Tokyo Tower.

With over 200 Michelin-starred restaurants – including twelve with three stars – Tokyo is the world's number one when it comes to culinary delights. Gourmets are spoiled for choice: Should it be traditional Japanese cuisine? Classic French? Or an exciting fusion of different styles? Whatever the choice, the highest standard is guaranteed.

Those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while will find peace and quiet less than two hours away by car: the mountains Takao, Mito, Hinode and Mitake not only offer numerous hiking trails for beginners and the more demanding, but also plenty of variety. You'll pass streams, waterfalls, temples and forested areas, for example, while the next breathtaking view is already waiting around every bend.


Surfing, Golf and Ocean Worlds

It doesn't always have to be Hawaii: surfers will find numerous spots for all levels in and around Portugal's capital. Particularly spectacular and only 1.5 hours away by car: the monster waves off Nazaré, up to 30 meters high, are definitely something for experienced professionals only.

Fans of the "green sport" can also rejoice: The so-called Golf Coast is considered one of the best golf destinations in the world and offers 20 courses in a length of only 35 kilometers in a prime coastal location. Playable all year round, of course – thanks to the mild climate.

And if you've always wanted to explore the secrets of the seas, you can do so – without any diving training at all – at the Oceanário de Lisboa, Europe's largest indoor aquarium. It holds 5 million liters of salt water, extends over two floors and is home to 12,000 marine creatures, including sharks, rays and barracudas.

New York

Musicals, jazz and hip-hop

Want to see a real Broadway musical – or maybe a few more? After all, there are 25 plays to choose from here, in New York's famous Theater District. From classics like "Funny Girl" to long-running favorites like "The Lion King" to modern productions like "Hamilton," there's something for everyone.

Jazz without New York is unthinkable. Along with New Orleans, the Big Apple is considered one of the defining incubators of this musical style. And even if the times are a while ago when you could admire legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington or Miles Davis live here: Clubs like Birdland, The Village Vanguard or Smalls enjoy a worldwide reputation and should be on the list of every jazz fan.

In the late seventies, hip-hop was the music of the Bronx ghettos. Today, it's not just a billion-dollar industry, but a culture with fans all over the world. If you want to go back to the roots, you should book a hip-hop city tour: Here, experts show you the most important places where pioneers like the Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash or Public Enemy started their first steps.