Additional flights within Germany offer business travelers more flexibility

The upward trend in business travel is also continuing, with demand rising sharply. Lufthansa and Eurowings are therefore further expanding their domestic flight offerings on routes that are particularly important for business travelers - and are increasing the number of flights on offer by around 55 percent compared to the summer.

Up to eleven daily flights are now offered from Frankfurt to Berlin. From Frankfurt to Hamburg, the number of daily flights increases to up to ten. The Munich flight schedule is also being expanded, with nine daily connections to Düsseldorf now available. In addition, Lufthansa is again offering hourly flights from Hamburg and Berlin to the Munich hub in the morning and evening.

Eurowings is also offering additional flights within Germany and is now once again flying daily services from Düsseldorf to Leipzig, Düsseldorf to Nuremberg, Hanover to Stuttgart and Hamburg to Nuremberg.

This flight schedule expansion, with a denser range of flights spread throughout the day, means that business travelers who frequently want more early morning or late evening options will benefit from improved choice.

Published 18.10.2021